PS3 Keyboard

If you have a Playstation 3, then you will know that there is the option to use a keyboard when needed, instead of a controller. However, this can be very annoying, because the user has to keep switching between using the controller for game play and then switching back to a keyboard when typing is required. Thankfully, Sony have come up with a product that eliminates this irritating switching, and makes playing the PS3 itself a lot more convenient. There is no need to buy a new PS3 controller either, as the wireless keyboard can be attached to the controller itself.

Assembling the PS3 wireless keyboard itself is a relatively easy process. As you will see if you purchase the product, it just looks like a keypad. Now, you are probably wondering how exactly to connect this keyboard to your controller in order to be able to use it. Well, this is simple. They keypad simply clicks into place when you mount it onto your Playstation 3 controller. You will notice that it is designed to fit exactly on top of the controller itself. You just press the keyboard onto the controller and it will snap into place.

They keyboard itself works on the QWERTY design. This means that it is a standard design keyboard, just like that of a computer, or a laptop, only smaller. The great thing about the QWERTY keyboard, is that it is designed for thumbs only typing. This means that you can type comfortably whilst holding the PS3 controller with just your thumbs, enabling for fast typing with no mistakes. The keyboard also features a touch mouse, which means that just by touching the mouse pad itself you can navigate your way around the screen without any complicated or uncomfortable movements.

The PS3 Wireless keyboard by Sony is fully compatible with the Dual Shock three controller, which every PS3 user will already have, as it is provided when buying the console itself. Another great thing about the wireless keyboard, it makes browsing the internet through your Playstation 3 very easy. You can browse the internet, check your emails, and even type emails with the very easy to use keyboard. Because this keyboard is wireless compatible, you can use it with your wireless controller with a range of up to six metres which is an impressive distance.

There are no complicated drivers to install with the Sony Wireless PS3 keyboard. Once it is clipped onto your controller you are ready to go. The console will recognise that they keyboard has been attached, meaning that you can start to use it straight away without any long installation processes. This makes using the keyboard itself a lot easier. The console will instantly recognise that it has been attached to the controller, even at a distance.

The wireless keyboard is easily recharged. It runs on a standard lithium battery that can be recharged simply by connecting the keyboard to the PS3 console via a USB cable. Once it is plugged in, the device will begin to charge itself. This takes out all of the hassle of disposable batteries that generally don’t last very long. Every Playstation 3 user should already have a USB cable, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

For any user of the Playstation 3, the Sony wireless keyboard is an essential accessory. It makes browsing the internet incredibly easy, and is very simple to use. The keyboard comes at a very reasonable price, and the product itself is well worth the money. It lasts for a very long time and is a great little accessory for your Playstation 3!

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