PS3 Bluetooth Headset

Many players who own a Sony PlayStation 3 take advantage of its many multiplayer gaming options. Some of these games are played among players in the same home, but thanks to the PS3’s online capabilities, it’s now very easy to compete against others online. All you need is a internet connection. When playing with these other gamers, you can communicate in several ways. Some games make use of the small PS3 keyboard, but typing while trying to use the controller to play the game can be very difficult. Instead, most online PS3 games offer the option to talk to each other using a PS3 Bluetooth headset.

There are a number of different companies that produce PS3 Bluetooth headsets. One is, of course, Sony. Their headset is recognized as the “official” PS3 Bluetooth headset. It looks almost identical to a cell phone Bluetooth headset. Players just clip it behind one ear and talk just like they would in a cell phone. Sony’s PS3 Bluetooth headset will, in fact, work with most Bluetooth-enabled phones. Most of the other PS3 Bluetooth headsets are similar, although there are some that look more like a traditional set of headphones with a microphone attached.

PS3 gamers can purchase their headsets several ways. The first way is to simply buy a PS3 compatible headset from any store that carries video games and video game accessories. The other way is to purchase specific games that come bundled with the headset. These games are ones that usually heavily feature multiplayer and online options, such as WarHawk or SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals: Confrontation. These bundles usually cost more than purchasing the stand-alone game, but they often cost less than a player would spend if they bought the game and the PS3 Bluetooth headset separately.

One of the advantages a Bluetooth connection has over other types of wireless headsets is that it is omnidirectional. You do not have to be sitting directly in front of a receiver for the PS3 Bluetooth headset to work. The same goes with the Bluetooth controllers and the Blu-ray remote control (another optional PS3 accessory). You can even get up and walk out of the room to fix a snack and still continue talking with your fellow gamers. Most of the headsets have a range of around 30 feet. Some of the headsets, including the Sony one, will also function as a desktop computer microphone when plugged into their charging station. Because it is multifunctional, many people find the PS3 Bluetooth headset to be a great bargain, especially if they don’t already own a cell phone headset.

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