PS2 Network Adapter

PS2 consoles are very popular today. One reason is due to the fact that these game consoles can be connected to the internet allowing for online games to be played. In order to connect your PlayStation 2 to the internet however, you will need a PS2 network adapter among other things. In addition to the network adapter you will, of course, need internet service and a modem or router to receive internet. Once you have these things ready, you can easily set up a connection to the internet via your PlayStation 2 and begin playing online games. You will also need a PlayStation 2 memory card that contains at least 150k of available space in order to install your network adaptor drivers and software and to save the internet connection settings that you set up.

A PS2 network adapter is a peripheral that is required before you can connect your PlayStation 2 to the online world. The adapter itself contains a built-in V90 modem as well as a 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet interface that allows for broadband connection. This is where you will plug in your cable modem or ADSL in order to take your PS2 online. The PS2 network adapter plugs into a port on the back of the PlayStation 2. You will likely need a flat head screwdriver in order to plug the adapter in securely. Once you have set up the adapter cord in the back, you will need to install and drivers and the software that is typically included in your adapter packaging onto your memory card. Note that if the driver and software is not included, you may need to return the network adapter to the purchase place in order to receive a package that does include these necessary pieces. Be certain when you purchase a PS2 network adapter that you check to ensure that all the needed software is included and that you fully understand the store’s policy on exchanges and returns.

If you have a broadband internet connection you will simply need to connect your PS2 network adapter to your ADSL or cable modem that you use with your desktop computer. If you have a dial-up 56k modem, you simply have to plug your house phone line into the correct port on the back of your PlayStation 2. The network adapter comes standard with a 56k modem built in. Note that a PS2 network adapter will not have a USB port so using a USB modem to connect your PS2 to the internet is a bit more difficult. You will need to leave your USB modem connected to your home computer and then set up a connection for internet sharing between that computer and your PS2.

Your PlayStation 2 network adapter should include the software needed to connect your PlayStation with the most popular providers for internet service. If you have a service provider that is not listed on the included software, you will need to configure the software yourself in order to connect to the internet. You should also note that if you typically have problems connecting to or staying connected to the internet on your home computer, you may experience the same problems when connecting using your PlayStation 2. In order to fully enjoy playing online games on your PlayStation 2 gaming console, you will need to ensure the quality of your local internet service provider. Make sure that your internet service provider supports playing online games via the PlayStation 2 console. This actually should not be a problem as most internet providers today fully support connecting to the internet via PS2 and a number of other gaming consoles.

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