Propane Grill

Everyone loves cooking out on the grill. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a hamburger, chicken breast, or hot dog cooked out in the open on a propane grill. There are several advantages to cooking with propane over cooking on a charcoal grill or on an open flame. While it may not give you the same taste as a piece of meat cooked over charcoal, it still tastes different than cooking food indoors – some say better – and it still gives you the enjoyment of cooking out.

A propane grill has several things going for it. The first is that propane grills cook more evenly. The flame is more controlled. With charcoal, you never know how well the charcoal bricks are going to light or burn. Sometimes, one side or the other is actually hotter. Plus there’s the issue of getting the charcoal to light in the first place. Sometimes, it seems like you have to use a full bottle of lighter fluid to get them to light. That lighter fluid can influence the taste of the food, which really defeated the entire purpose of cooking on charcoal. With propone, you know your grill is going to light right away, and you know that the heat is going to be constant and instant. You won’t have to deal with any lighter fluid or worry about your flame going out.

Of course, you will have to buy tanks of propane for your propane grill. However, you can find these tanks at many stores. Each tank will last quite some time – you may go an entire summer without buying more propane unless you grill very often. Propane isn’t too expensive – you’d probably spend just as much on charcoal and lighter fluid, if not more. You do have to be careful that your propane tank doesn’t leak, and, of course, it could explode if your home catches on fire. However, propane is very safe overall.

If you don’t own a propane grill, you can find one as many different stores, including department stores. Like charcoal grills, you will find propane grills come in various sizes. Propane grills, however, do come in sizes larger than charcoal grills. This is because it’s much easier for a propane grill to heat a larger surface than it is a charcoal grill. Plus it would take a large amount of charcoal to cook on some of these larger grills. You can, of course, purchase a small propane grill if you won’t be cooking for more than about four people. These grills are easier to store and maintain than the larger grills, but if you have a lot of people over, you’re going to be cooking for quite some time.

On the other hand, the larger propane grills allow you to cook for an army. These large grills often have two racks, and some even have side burners and cookers on which to heat up vegetables or other food items. They have several heat levels and other cooking options. You can actually cook an entire meal on one of these large propane grills if you so desire.

A propane grill does offer several different advantages over a charcoal grill, although you don’t get quite the same grilled taste. However, the propane grill is much easier to light, cooks more evenly, and can be used to cook much more food than a charcoal grill can. If you’re looking to entertain a good number of people at your next cook out and don’t want to mess with lighting charcoal and getting it to stay lit, and then go with a propane grill. Sure, they’re more expensive, but you won’t have nearly as many issues.

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