Propane Detector

Propane is currently used in many homes throughout the world for a variety of purposes. Many people use propane for heat, water heating and even cooking. Although many measures have been taken to provide security for propane users, there is always the chance of a leak. The company from which you purchase propane likely has strict measures in place to help protect against propane leakage. Still, these leaks do occur and can be very dangerous. Since propane itself has no distinguishable odor, a compound is typically placed in the substance that alerts users to leaks. This smell often resembles rotten eggs and can be detected easily. However, remains a need in homes and businesses using propane for a propane detector.

Some things that you should consider when you are selecting a propane detector include installation, features and of course, price. Some propane detectors require professional installation and offer the option to be connected directly to a home security system. Be certain that you check the propane detector you are considering to ensure that these options are offered if this is what you want. Most detectors of natural gases and propane strongly resemble smoke detectors and can be very easily installed. You simply hang them on the wall by a nail and ensure that the batteries are installed properly. Still, there are other versions of these detectors that are much more complicated to install and require the help of a professional. Ensure which type of detector you are purchasing to see if you will need professional installation.

Alarm activation is another aspect of propane detectors that is very important. Just as smoke detectors can often be set off by heavy steam from showers and other factors, propane detectors may be set off by other elements as well. Smoking or high humidity levels often increase the risk of alarm activation. Be certain that you check your propane detector to determine if other natural gases or other home environmental elements will set off the alarm.

The location of your propane detector is very important. You should ensure that detectors are installed in a place where you and others in your home are more likely to hear the alarms in the case of a propane leak. You should be able to easily read the installation instructions on the detectors that you purchase. You can also call your local propane company for more information on the best places to install your detectors.

Many detectors will offer a sound and a light to let you know that you have a leak, while other more inexpensive models may only offer an alarm sound. If you prefer both alerts, be certain that you check to ensure that the detectors you choose offer both alert factors.

Be certain that you check your batteries regularly and it is recommended that all detectors in your home undergo battery replacement at least every three months. This is true for propane detectors, smoke, natural gas and carbon monoxide detectors as well. Routine maintenance and ensuring that your batteries are always fully charged will help you to reduce the risks of damage to your home and injury to you and your family members should you have a propane leak. Be certain that you follow all the directions for maintenance of your propane detectors that come with your product when you purchase it. If you are unsure of how to install, maintain or choose the correct propane detector, you can contact your local propane company and inquire about how to properly protect your home from a propane leak. Even if you have never had a propane leak in your home, it is much better in this case to be safe than sorry.

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