Propane Burner

The propane burner is one of the most popular outdoor cookers on the market today. People find them to be the best choice for their cooking needs when they go on camping vacations. Many modern day outdoor grills that a lot of people have in their backyards nowadays also utilize propane burners. With a propane burner you can go camping overnight and stay as long as you want if you have a propane burner to use to cook your meals. There are several propane burners on the market to choose from. They are available in all kinds of sizes, shapes and models and prices. A propane burner can be portable and easy to move around or can be built into a heavier and more difficult to move outdoor grill.

These types of burners have a bottom plate with circular burner cup affixed to it. The sidewall that supports it is typically cylinder shaped. The bottom wall has an opening for the propane fuel supply connection. Although a propane burner uses propane for fuel a mixture of propane and butane can be used. A small propane fuel tank is used to store the fuel and a fuel line is used to connect it to the burner. These tanks are small enough to be easily transported with a portable propane burner. You can buy larger propane tanks to connect to an outdoor grill that has propane burners too. Some of these larger outdoor grills can have up to 6 propane burners on them now. The larger propane tanks can be refilled countless times. You can buy extra small propane fuel tanks to take along camping with you to use with a portable propane burner. These smaller propane fuel tanks are disposable.

Cooking outdoors with propane is quicker and cleaner than cooking with wood or briquettes. People are using a single propane burner for patio cooking now as well as for camping, hunting and tail gating. The single propane burner is so easy to transport that you see them being used in the parking lot at sporting events. The benefits of these burners are numerous. They are easy to light and it is easy to adjust the flame when cooking. The heat on the burner is either on or off. There is no residual heat to worry about when the burner is turned off. The propane tank is a pressurized tank that stores the propane as a vapor so they are safe to use. One of the biggest advantages of a propane burner is that it is self priming and more energy efficient than other liquid fuel burners. Another advantage of the propane tank is that it is a sealed tank and will not smell of propane or allow the fuel to leak. Campers love to take along a propane burner as they can be used at any elevation however they are not as efficient at really high elevations. A hiker or someone who is going backpacking may find the weight of the propane canisters prohibitive however.

One thing a propane burner should not be used for is to heat a camper, tent or trailer. If you are using a portable single propane burner you should always take along spare propane canisters so that you do not run out of fuel in the middle of cooking your meal. Another consideration to keep in mind when deciding on a propane burner is the fact that propane can be more expensive than gas. Also, the colder the outside temperature is the less efficient a propane burner will be. This is also true in high altitudes. When the propane canister is nearing empty the propane burner will lose some of its efficiency as well. When shopping for a propane burner it is best to buy the better quality ones. You can find various propane burners for sale online and in local stores that sell camping gear and outdoor cookers.

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