Progressive Onion Chopper

If you do a lot of cooking you know that you always have to be in the kitchen chopping or dicing up different fruits and vegetables, especially onions. In the summer months you may enjoy making your own special salsa recipe and will have to chop up onions, tomatoes, garlic and peppers for it. Your job in the kitchen can be a lot easier if you happen to be one of the many cooks who owns a progressive chopper. This is a handy little kitchen tool that is put out by a company called Progressive International. This company has been selling their useful products in the United States and Canada since 1973. They also sell in the international markets. There are few different kinds of Progressive choppers on the market. The one you need will depend on what you will be using it for. They have a progressive food chopper, a fruit and vegetable chopper, an onion chopper and a nut chopper on the market. You can usually find some type of progressive chopper for sale in small kitchen stores as well as large department stores across America. Many boutiques and discount stores have them as well and of course, they are for sale online.

If you’ve ever had the experience of dicing onions you know how time consuming and unpleasant the job can be. A lot of cooks simply dread the chore of chopping onions. With a progressive onion chopper you can chop all the onions you ever want in mere seconds without any mess or odor that can bring tears to your eyes. Each progressive chopper is a compact tool that has a storage container attached to it. As you are chopping or dicing onions, fruit, vegetables or nuts they will be captured in the plastic storage container. The progressive chopper for onions has measurements marked on the side of its 2 cup plastic storage container so you will know exactly how many cups of onions you chopped. Whatever is left over you can store in the refrigeration in the storage container because it comes with a lid. A progressive chopper is a safe tool for anyone to use the kitchen who is chopping onions, fruit and vegetables. Your fingers will never get anywhere near the blades. There is a protective top because of the blades that keep them safely away from your hands. These food choppers are easy to clean and easy to store. They make chopping easy and quick. Some cooks prefer this kind of a food chopper over a food processor because of convenience and because they are so easy to use. The fruit and vegetable chopper comes with different attachments that can be used to slice different fruits and vegetables like potatoes or carrots.

Not only that, but a progressive chopper can do various other tasks as well. The Progressive food chopper can be used as an egg separator or as a salad spinner. It has a stainless steel chopping blade and a blending attachment that goes with it. The container capacity can hold up to 4 cups food or liquid. This is a fabulous chopper to make salsa in or to chop strawberries in for strawberry shortcake. It is easy to clean it can be easily taken apart rinse off and cleaned.

If you are baking cakes and cookies you will sometimes need chopped nuts. For chopping nuts the easy way, get the progressive nut chopper. It can chop them coarse or grind them up into fine nut flours. The progressive nut chopper is made from stainless steel and plastic. It has a 1 1/3 cup storage capacity. It is very light and easy to use. Once you have any one of the various kinds of progressive choppers in your kitchen you will not be able to live without it.

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