Programmable Thermostats

If you have the kind of thermostat that you have to manually adjust the temperature settings to keep your house warm or cool you have an old fashioned thermostat. Advances in technologies have made it possible for programmable thermostats to be created. A programmable thermostat is one that allows you to automatically control the temperature in your house or office by programming your heating and cooling system to maintain certain temperature settings. If you have a programmable thermostat it will turn the heat on when the temperature gets below the minimum temperature you have programmed it for. It will also turn on the air conditioner if your house gets too warm in the summer. You can put a programmable thermostat in any area where you spend most of your time. It should be kept away from any heat source however. This means you should avoid placing it in the direct sunlight or near a heater or heating vents. You can program these types of thermostats to increase or lower the temperature at certain times during the day or night. By programming your thermostat to turn down the heat at night during the winter can save you up to 15% a year in your energy bill. A programmable thermostat totally eliminates the need to adjust the thermostat manually during the day or night. Homes are much more comfortable when the temperature is maintained at your desired preset and programmed temperatures twenty four hours a day.

If you are using a programmable thermostat in your home you can set your climate control system to specific temperature for specific times of the day. It can also be programmed to turn off your climate control system and then start it again at specific times. This gives you a great advantage during certain times of the day when no one is at home because you can keep the house cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. You can program it to keep it at other temperatures on the weekends when you and your family are at home. These are called weekday and weekend model programmable thermostats. There are also programmable thermostats that are called five/one/one models. The user is able to program it for 5 weekdays and separate temperatures for Saturday and another temperature setting for Sunday as well. There are also seven day thermostats.

When shopping for a programmable thermostat you should know what kind of heating and cooling system you have. This is because the different types of HVAC systems can require different types of programmable thermostats. For instance, if you have baseboard heaters you will need a different kind of thermostat than you would for a central heating and air system. It is best to consult with your electrician or HVAC specialist for advice on which kind of thermostat will be best for your particular system. A programmable thermostat can be either hard wired or battery operated. A hard wired thermostat has a battery back up. The cost of these thermostats can vary depending on how many features they have.

You can easily replace your old thermostat with a programmable thermostat. Switching over to a programmable thermostat will save all kinds of money on your energy bill. The savings on your energy bill can quickly make up for the purchase price for one. These are easy to install yourself. You will also find that thy have instructions on how to install them in the package. The best ones will have a manual override for temperature settings that are not programmed. You can find various kinds of programmable thermostats for sale on the internet at local home stores.

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