Powerline Adapter

A powerline adapter is a device used in the new concept of power line communication, sometimes called power line digital subscriber line or a power line network. The idea is to use power lines as a way of sending and receiving data. This then leads to broadband internet over power lines. By using a powerline adaptor, you can create a wired network throughout your home without running cat5 cables from your cable or DSL router to each computer.

Basically, to make use of a powerline adapter, all you have to do is purchase one and plug it into any electrical outlet. Then you plug your Ethernet cable into the device’s port and the other into your computer. Once you’ve configured the powerline adapter to work with your DSL or cable wireless router, you will get very fast, stable internet from the powerline adapter.

Some people may wonder exactly why they would need a powerline adapter if they already have a wireless router. The answer is stability. A powerline adapter is much more stable than a wireless connection. It won’t drop as often, if ever, and it basically provides the same speed and stability as a wired connection. While wireless may work fine for people simply wanting to check their email or look up things online, there are some who need a more stable internet connection. Wireless can sometimes slow down dramatically, or it may be interrupted by things like a large amount of wiring in the walls of your home. For those who do things like online video editing or play games online, this can dramatically impact their connection. With a powerline adapter, it’s not an issue.

Just like wireless internet, security is available on powerline adapters. However, since you have to physically plug your computer into the adapter, there is less chance of someone hijacking your internet connection. The signal to these powerline adapters does not actually go beyond your home’s wiring, either. If someone next door has a powerline adapter, for example, they won’t be able to use it to hook into your internet. However, just in case someone does figure a way around this limit, many powerline adapters come with security settings, and you can always configure your router for additional wireless security.

Like many new types of technology, powerline adapters and the entire idea of powerline communication is still evolving. The speed at which these devices transfer power is often faster and more reliable than wireless, but they are not as stable or as fast as a wired connection using Ethernet cable. Some issues reported with powerline adapters include them losing the signal. Some people have reported that they have to unplug and replug their powerline adapters on an almost daily basis. However, as with all computer technologies, research into powerline adapters is still ongoing, and there are sure to be improvements in the technology in the future.

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