Powered Speakers

Powered speakers are in high demand these days. The produce great sounds and are really very inexpensive. In 1964 the SE401 Stereo Energizer was introduced which led to the development of powered speakers. This technology allowed one un-powered speaker to power a second speaker. In 1971 the Altec 9846B powered speaker was introduced. This was a bi-amplified powered studio monitor speaker system that used a new 771B Bi-amplifier with 30 watts for the high frequency compression driver and a 60 watt woofer.

John Meyer was the man who designed the JM3, which was the first fully integrated loudspeaker system. It had 3 amps in an enclosure that had preset cross-overs and an equalizer and two speakers. All of these innovative ideas and new advances in sound technologies has led to the development of the powered speakers that we have today. Powered speakers are also referred to as active speakers. They have built-in amplifiers. The powered speakers that are on the market today can be connected to any sound source or mixing console without needing a separate amplifier or reciever for them. Powered speakers least expensive option for audiophiles who want to get the optimum sound they want from a computer, laptop, mp3 player or television set.

A two way powered speaker system has a tweeter (horn and compression driver) and a woofer and two amplifiers built in (bi-amplification). There are built-in electronic crossovers that split the signal frequency and also will route the lows and highs to the amplifiers. There are also two different transducers. A three-way or tri-amplified powered speaker system routes the low, mids and highs to the amplifiers and transducers.

Powered speakers have either active or passive crossovers built into them. There is no need to match the amplifier to the speaker since it is already built in. The cable length between the speakers does not need to be long and they are very easy to set up for your audio system. Powered speaker manufacturers have started making them with UHF wireless receivers now so that there is only the need for one power lead cable. You do not need a stereo receiver with powered speakers. This is because they have the built-in power amplifier.

Nowadays you can buy great sounding speakers that sound fantastic that are self powered. Powered speakers are relatively small and very easy to connect to your pc or television. Most televisions today have a variable audio output that allows you to connect powered speakers directly which can allow you to turn the volume up or down via the remote. You can also use powered speakers with your mp3 players and iPod docking system as well. There are all kinds of powered speakers on the market today. There are different features to choose from. They produce great sounds yet are simple and quite elegant in design. Most powered speakers are made out of high-quality materials as well. Powered speaker placement will impact the sound quality however. You may have to experiment with different locations in the room before you find the best placement for your speakers.

Just recently some powered speakers were released onto the market that can be used with netbooks and laptops by Altec Lansing. These are two USB-powered speakers, the BXR1220 and the BXR1221, and they are plug and play. For those who are into enhanced gaming and who want to get the best stereo playback, should purchase the BXR1221 because they will give you more bass. Most powered speakers nowadays use the USB port for power and you can purchase them from other manufacturers. However, these speakers are not suitable if you want to use them for easy listening in large rooms. The USB port does limit the power to only a few watts. People who have the need for high volume sounds should use powered speakers that use a wall outlet for power.

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