Potato Peeler

The potato peeler is a common kitchen device that makes it easier for a person to peel potatoes and certain types of vegetables and fruits, like cucumber, pears, apples and others. This device is a favorite alternative to using a knife for peeling because it is much easier and safer so that parents can even ask their children to assist them in meal preparation. It should be noted, however, that improper use of potato peelers can cause injury because they also have sharp edges like a knife. Therefore, children need to be supervised while they are using them. It is also important to be aware that as the potato gets peeled; it becomes slippery, which increases the possibility of an accident. Thus, children need to be aware of this and parents should teach them how to hold the potato to prevent it from slipping from their hands. Another important safety rule to follow is to ensure that the movement of the peeler should be away from the body.

A usual design of the manual potato peeler is similar to a safety razor and is called a spread peeler, yoke peeler, Rex peeler or Y-peeler. The fundamental feature of this design is that the blade is perpendicular to the handle. Its use is also similar to how a safety razor is used and that is to shave off the peel in strips. And aside from the blade for carving off the skin, a potato peeler is usually provided with a loop of metal or a protrusion that is used to gouge off eyes and imperfections in the potato. Another common design is the Lancashire where the blade is parallel to the handle, much like a knife.

Meanwhile, new designs have been developed for the potato peeler to make this device even much easier to use. One such design is the mechanical potato peeler where the vegetable is fixed at one end and a small blade is pressed on it at the other end. The potato is then made to rotate and the blade starts to remove the skin from the potato. However, a more advanced design is the automatic potato peeler, which is powered by plugging it to an electrical outlet. Usually, there is also a provision for using batteries instead.

There are various brands and models for the automatic potato peeler but the designs are basically the same. An important advantage is the speed with which a potato can be peeled. Another benefit is that the potato peeler is precise in the thickness of the skin that is removed. This means that wastage of the flesh of the vegetable or fruit is minimized. Unlike the conventional manual process of peeling the potato by hand that is messy because the skin is removed piece by piece, the automatic model performs a one-stroke peeling procedure that results in a continuous spiral of very thin vegetable or fruit skin that makes it easy to throw away the peel after the process is finished.

When using the automatic peeler, the user simply washes the vegetable or fruit and lets it sit on the pointed holders. At the other end, the cutting arm is lowered to the potato. Activating the device causes the potato to turn so that the cutting arm travels across the vegetable, peeling off the skin while following its contours. The precise removal of a certain thickness of the skin does not only provide the benefit of less waste but it also ensures better nutrition because the flesh near the skin is not thrown away. Also, while there is a need to wash the potato again after peeling using the conventional method, this is not required when using the automatic peeler.

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