Portable Washing Machine

This is the era where almost everything has its small versions. Almost all appliances are now portable. The cabled telephones of long ago are now turned into mobile phones that have models that can be hidden within your palm. Bulky televisions were now changed into slimmer and sleeker design. And would you believe that even washing machines today now have its portable version?

If you are someone who is always out of the house and looking for ways to wash your clothes other than doing it manually, the portable washing machine is the ideal product for you. This is a small machine that you can take and use anywhere. A portable washing machine is not just handy but environment friendly at the same time.

You do not have to look for any electric socket just to operate the portable washing machine. Because of this, you would already save money that you are supposed to pay for your energy bill. Moreover, it would also let you wash dirty clothes even in places that electricity is not available.

The portable washing machine is also great if you in a hurry to get your clothes and other items washed. You do not have to wait until your hamper or laundry basket is filled with dirty clothes. There would also be no feeling of guilt if you would only wash just a few items using the portable washing machine since you would not waste water, energy, and time.

By the time that you purchase the portable washing machine, you could already use it once you are home or in need of new clean clothes. It is usually bought as an assembled washing machine. All you have to do is to attach the handle of the portable washer. Most of the models of portable washing machines are made from high durable plastics. It is rare to find portable washing machines that are made from stainless steel.

Since this type of washing machine is very small it would be easy for you to store it and even move it from one location to another. This is the best washing machine for you especially if you have an RV. You can also take it along with you on your road trips or if you want to spend your weekend in hotels so you don’t have to pay for the expensive dry cleaning service. Washing your clothes during a camping trip would also be easier as well. And even if you are at home, you can also use the portable washing machine if you want to live an energy efficient lifestyle.

You may also save on laundry detergents and water if you would use the portable washing machine. Of course, the amount of detergent and water would depend on the number of clothes that you would put on the machine. Aside from that, the washing cycle of this portable appliance would only take at least 10 seconds up to 2 minutes of your time. In just a few minutes, your 5 pound laundry load will be clean again.

No matter what fabric you put into the portable washing machine, you would not have to worry if it would be worn out or get some damages once you’ve taken it out from the machine. It can clean even the most delicate fabric including knitted dress, silks, wools, and even cashmeres.

More often than not, these portable washing machines have warranties when purchased just like any other appliances that can be used in your home. The warranty usually lasts from 6 months up to a year depending on the manufacturer of the product.

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