Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are an essential accessory for anyone who dislikes using headphones, or who needs to share their music with others. There are very few mobile phones and portable music players that have an internal speaker, and those that do typically have poor quality sound. Portable speakers are compact, lightweight, and available in many stylish shapes and colors. They are also inexpensive, with most models costing under fifty dollars, and there a few that can be bought for as little as ten dollars.

The main advantage of portable speakers is their small size and weight. They are ideal for taking to work or school, and they are also great for taking away on holidays or business trips. Some models are incredibly powerful for their size and can project sound over a wide area. Nobody likes sharing their headphones with other people, even with their friends. Portable speakers allow a group to listen to the music player without having to crowd together. Some of the larger models can even charge the music player while it is attached to them.

Portable speakers can be put into two main groups, according to type of power supply and connector cable they have. Some models have rechargeable batteries that last for many hours, but other models are passive and have no power source. They rely on power from the music player, which causes its battery life to be shortened and it has to be recharged more often. Some portable speakers have a connector cable and a set of adapters that will fit most of the music players currently available. There are also models that are designed specifically for the hugely popular Apple iPod range, and these typically do not fit other music players.

Stereo portable speakers are either fixed together or separated. Some fixed models can be fold together which makes them better for traveling. Separated speakers are preferred over fixed speakers because the distance between them can be adjusted to give the best stereo sound. Most portable speakers have innovative and stylish designs that look great when placed next to a notebook computer or music player. There are also models with conservative styles and colors for those who prefer a more understated look. Some models also have a retractable cord, which is great for preventing those tangles that can take forever to unravel.

Other features to look for when comparing portable speakers are volume controls, tone controls, frequency response, amplification, and battery life. The best speakers use neodymium magnets for their drivers, and have shielding to prevent interference from nearby electrical devices. If the plug is not the right type, an adapter can usually be found that will fit it. The speakers typically have a rubberized base to prevent them from being knocked around, and some models even come with a carry case or pouch to protect from scratching.

Portable speakers are not without their problems though, as you would expect from such a small gadget. It is practically impossible to get perfect sound reproduction from a small speaker that uses very little power. A major problem with portable speakers is their inability to create strong bass sounds. There are some models that produce good bass but they are larger and heavier. Sound distortion at high volume is other problem which affects most portable speakers. Again, it is the smallest models that suffer the most from distortion, but at least they are more portable than the larger models.

NXT technology is an exciting development that has the potential to make portable speakers even smaller and lighter than they are now. In a conventional speaker, sound waves are created by a large cone that moves back and forth. NXT technology replaces this bulky and heavy design with a thin film. Magnets and coils are still required to vibrate the thin film, but they are very small and lightweight. Portable speakers that use NXT technology are still being developed, so it will be a few years before they are widely available.

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