Portable Sewing Machine

Do you like to sew? Do you often find that you need to repair a hem while out or would you like to bring your sewing machine with you when you travel? If so, you should definitely consider a portable sewing machine. There are many different varieties to choose from so you always have your sewing machine at your disposal. Having the option to take your machine with you is always nice.

There are a couple different portable sewing machine options. The first is the hand held sewing machine. This is not a sewing machine that is going to allow you to do anything intricate or difficult, but it will allow you to fix that hem that is falling apart while you are on a business trip or about to meet with your boss. These are basic little machines that you hold in your hand and then press as it stitches along the problem area. The higher end portable sewing machine of this variety will even make replacing a lost button a snap with just a couple presses of a lever on the machine! These are nice because they are often small enough to fit in a purse or a briefcase or even a desk drawer so you can have that sewing machine when you need it most.

In addition to the hand held unit there is also a portable sewing machine that is more standard in size. This type of portable sewing machine basically sits in the bottom of a case and then when you want to take it somewhere you snap the lid on, which fits over the entire surface of the machine. These lids are usually hard plastic or metal and they will protect the machine during travel. This will allow you to take your standard sized sewing machine with you when you want to take it to a friend’s house or even when you want to travel to a sewing class. Generally speaking you will not take this long distances with you, but it is nice to know that you can pick up your machine and go when you want to.

If you are not sure what type of portable sewing machine you need or would get the most use out of, think about what you need it for. Do you want something to come with you for those emergency situations when your clothes are falling apart on your body? Or do you want something that you can take with you specifically for sewing purposes? When you answer these questions you will probably have a good indication of what sort of portable sewing machine you need because one is for cosmetic purposes and the other is to support something that you like to do.

When you narrow down what type of portable sewing machine you need, you still have some considerations to make. What brand would you like to work with? How much do you want to spend? If you want to make sure that you buy something that will hold up well over time and with use, you may want to read consumer reports and ask friends what they have used. This will allow you to buy a product that will hold up well over time. How much money you spend is really up to you, as there are a lot of different options for you to consider and the more bells and whistles you have on your machine the more it is going to cost. Just shop around before you buy, you’re destined to find something that you like in your price range.

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