Portable MP3 Player

If you are a music lover, you will love having a portable MP3 player. A portable MP3 player has other features too. Many have FM radios and voice recording options. Some are capable of downloading audio books onto. There are so many different MP3 players for sale right now that it has become difficult to decide on which one you want.

Before you go out and buy one, make sure you know what you want to use it for and what features you want to have. Will you be using it while traveling? A portable MP3 player is great to use on long plane or car rides. If you just want to listen to music while exercising, a flash memory portable MP3 player may be ideal for you.

If you are going to be using a portable MP3 player while working out, look for one that has solid state memory and one that you can clip onto your workout clothing. Getting a solid state internal flash memory will eliminate your music from skipping while jogging, running, etc. You will need to be able to have freedom of movement with not interference. The lighter the player is the better too when working out. A lithium battery operated MP3 player weights the least.

Some MP3 players have sound equalizers so that you can customize your sounds to the way you like them. They will allow you to repeat or shuffle the order in which you want your play list to play. You have the say so over which order you want your music to be played for your listening enjoyment.

If you want to store all of your CD collections on your MP3 player, you should look for one that has a hard drive instead of a flash memory. These will cost more but they are worth it if you really want to have all of your music at your fingertips. They weigh a little more and are not as durable as one that is a solid state flash player. A hard drive based MP3 player is not good for exercising or working out, but you if you plan to be stationary while listening, this type is the best for you.

You should always check the battery in your MP3 player after you buy it. Some will have batteries that will last longer than others. Take the battery life into consideration if you want to listen for a long period of time. Shorter battery life can be a problem when you are unable to access your charger or do not have a back-up battery. So make sure you compare the battery life on each portable MP3 player you are looking at to buy.

There is a new type of portable MP3 player on the market now. This is the Apple iPod Mini. It is a really tiny player that has a tiny hard drive too. It is light and can hold more songs than most solid state portable flash players. Creative Zen Micro and Rio Carbon are two other mini MP3 players. They have about 4 or 5 GB’s of storage space. The minis are extremely popular with music lovers.

You will want to get one that is compatible with your computer. Portable MP3 players connect to your computer to transfer music you have downloaded onto them. There are varieties of music files too like WMA or OGG Vorbis. If you want to transfer these types make sure it is compatible with these formats. Whichever one you choose, keep in mind that expensive does not necessarily mean it’s the best one for you, but don’t just buy on how cheap the MP3 player is either.

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