Portable iPod Speakers

There often comes a time when you want to take your music on the road with you, but headphones aren’t always a good idea. You will also find that even the smallest home speakers, receiver/amplifiers aren’t particularly portable. However, there is a new breed of portable speakers that have come a long way with modern technology. Portable iPod speakers can now be used in the car, the office, dorm rooms or even the beach. You will find that these portable speakers will provide you with enough sound to please even the most hard-core of music listeners.

You are likely to get a far better sound from a decent set of headphones, which can be considered far more portable. Headphones will typically allow for a deeper bass, better stereo imaging and a far superior treble. However, headphones can only ever be used individually and therefore portable iPod speakers are ideal if you wish to share your music with others. There are numerous manufacturers of portable iPod speakers, but are amongst the best are:

Klipsch iGroove SXT – this is an upgrade from the original Klipsch iGroove and is definitely an improvement. It encompasses the now legendary Klipsch Horn two-way speaker system. The horns are approximately 3/4 of an inch in size and are able to deliver high frequency sounds and excellent crossovers. They also come with a pair of 2.5 inch woofers that will give you as much bass as you could ever need. Klipsch have actually claimed that they are the only company who uses horn technology in portable iPod speakers. This model is also able to hold assorted iPods and can charge any iPod that has a 30 pin connector.

Not only does this model allow for an iPod to be connected, it also has an auxiliary input socket to which other audio devices can be connected. The Klipsch iGroove SXT also offers S-video which means that you are able to view videos via an external monitor. This model additionally has the ability to turn itself on immediately in case your iPod wakes up. The Klipsch iGroove SXT comes in black with a silver finish and weighs as little as 2 kg. It offers an alternative voltage and can be used immediately on either side of the Atlantic. This means that you do not have to worry about a voltage converter as this model can typically be used on either 220 V or 110 V. Best of all, this model can be purchased for approximately $149.

Bose SoundDock iPod speaker – this model uses extremely long-lasting rechargeable lithium batteries. Therefore you can pretty much listen to music anytime, or anywhere you like without having to worry about an electric socket. Bose are well-known for their acoustic research and their portable iPod speaker is no different. It uses waveguide speaker technology and wave radio which will produce a rich and full sound with a deep bass. These tiny speakers use neodymium transducers that are known to be up to 10 times more powerful than conventional magnets.

The Bose SoundDock includes a rotating iPod dock. You will find this feature extremely convenient especially if you need to move the sounddock around. This model also has a carrying handle which, once again, makes it far easier to transport around with you. As long as your sounddock is connected to the mains it will automatically charge the lithium batteries. Additionally, the battery that is found inside this model is also able to charge your iPod. You will find that the Bose SoundDock comes with an ordinary audio input port which will also allow you to connect an MP3, CD and DVD players. There are two touch buttons located on the front of the unit that can be used for volume control. The Bose SoundDock weighs only 2.37 kg and has extremely small dimensions. This unit is available in two colours which are gloss black and gloss white. You can typically purchase this model online for under $100.

iHome iH9BR portable iPod speaker – this can be considered an all in one unit and encompasses a clock, radio, amplifier and a speaker. The majority of these features were custom requested enhancements and this even includes a remote that is able to control both the unit and your iPod menu functions. This unit also includes an AM/FM radio and buzzer and you can even preset a custom playlist to wake you up. The iHome comes with sound, bass, treble, 3-D and balance controls and also a speaker jack which allows you to add an additional speaker should you wish to.

The universal Dock will typically accommodate the majority of iPod models and you can also charge your iPod while it is docked. The iHome is not only capable of playing most iPods, it can also facilitate the latest iPhone. You will notice an extra large backlit custom LCD display, which also has a dimmer. This will ensure that you always have a clear and smooth display. These portable iPod speakers are the smallest of all the models and will typically retail for under $100.

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