Portable Ice Maker

If you have ever had a party or a get together with several people then you know just how fast ice can be used. You may have an ice maker in your freezer or you may use ice trays to freeze your ice, however both of these can take a while to freeze water and they may not be able to keep up with the demands of ice needed by your guests. There is always the option of buying bagged ice but this is not always convenient and you will either need a large freezer to store the bag of ice or a cooler to keep the ice cold enough so it does not melt during the party.

This is why the portable ice maker was invented and has become very popular with those that love to entertain. Although portable ice makers can be expensive at times they can be well worth the investment if you are one that uses a lot of ice regularly. Most portable ice makers work by electrically cooling the water temperature to form ice at a very quick rate. Cooling water much quicker than a regular freezer would, the portable ice makers can make ice much more quickly. This allows for more ice to be made at a time. Depending on what type of portable ice maker you choose to buy, you may be able to get up to 35 lbs of ice in one day.

There are several different models of portable ice makers that can be purchased and they all have different features and capacities. The best part about the portable ice makers is that they do not need a constant water line in order to work. All you need is to fill the water compartment with water and plug the machine in and allow the portable ice maker to begin making ice.

This machine is a great accessory to have for outdoor events such as picnics, camping, cook-outs, pool parties, tail-gating events and many more. With an AC car adapter you can take the portable ice maker anywhere that you may need ice. Bring along a gallon of water and your ice maker can begin making ice within minutes of being plugged in. Depending on how much ice you will need, will determine how much water you will need to bring along to keep your ice machine making ice. This can be more convenient than lugging coolers filled with ice along with you and having melted ice halfway through the day. Portable ice makers make great additions to bars in the home or to RV’s or campers.

When it comes to picking a portable ice maker you should find one that suits your needs the best. You may choose one that has a choice of ice cube sizes. Your new portable ice maker may be able to make large, medium or small ice cubes depending on what you are using the ice for. You may also want a delayed timer feature or an ice bucket that can be removed for easy ice access. You can also decide if you want an ice maker that is large enough to chill bottles of wine or cans of soda while making ice. Finding a portable ice maker that is light weight may be the feature you are most interested in or finding one that can make a certain amount of ice in a desired amount of time may help you make your decision. There are many different features to choose from and a variety of prices that portable ice makers can have as well. Once you have determined what you would like most in your portable ice maker you can begin shopping and soon you will be enjoying your endless supply of ice.

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