Portable Grills

One of the best accessories for the summer is the portable grill. They are like barbeques but on a smaller scale. Most portable grills are lightweight and can be used with propane, charcoal and there are even electric grills. But the most popular is the gas grill, though these grills are small, they can actually heat up to 500 degrees. Portable grills come in all different shapes and sizes. The purpose of the portable grill is to be able to take it from place to place.

These portable grills are compact and can fit in most car trunks if you are planning day trip. The best places to use a portable grill are the beach or when you go camping. Most campgrounds offer charcoal barbeques but they are exposed to the weather and from many, many uses. You aren’t going to get a clean meal. By taking along a portable grill, only you have used it and you can rest assured knowing where the grill has been and that is has been kept clean.

Another great place to take the portable grill is if you are into Football, these are called Tailgate Parties. You see them at some sporting events but mainly football. Football fans park in the parking lot a few hours before game time and they set up their grills and cook foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and even steaks. You may ask yourself why someone would do that? If you have ever been to a sporting event and have ordered food before, you know the answer to that question.

Portable grills are great in case of emergencies, say the power goes out and you want to cook dinner. Simply set up the grill on the patio or garage and you can still have a home cooked meal without the means of electricity. Portable grills are great for emergencies.

As we mentioned there are different sizes and styles of the portable grill. There are many companies that manufacturer these portable grills. For example, Weber, they are a huge name in the grilling industry. These are the best of the best in large grills and in portable grills. They have a portable grill that is less than 32″ long and it has a 7″ lid in height. This style of grill is perfect if you want to cook a whole chicken. Many grills out there cannot do that.

Solaire makes a portable grill with infrared. This grill uses about 14,000 Btu’s but only weighs about 20 pounds. These grills are made from stainless steel and are very durable and long lasting. Can you imagine using a portable that gives you a wood smoked chicken. There are only a few companies out there that have this style portable grill.

Weber also makes a charcoal grill; the best part about this grill is that the grilling area is about 14″, which is perfect for cooking 6 burgers. Other grills have very small cooking surfaces and can only cook a few burgers at once. Do some research before you set out to shop for a portable grill. Most grills have special features that may be something you want.

Some of these grills can be a bit pricey, up to $ 200 and more. But if you shop around and know exactly what you want you can get a very good portable grill for a great price. The best time to shop for these grills in the stores is in the summer months, you won’t see too many in the winter unless you live in a warm weather state. But you can always find some great portable grills online.

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