Portable Freezer

A freezer is an electronic appliance used to preserve and chill food items. A portable freezer, as a name suggests, is a freezer that can be taken with the user while out of the house – while traveling, or while out for a picnic, for example. Portable freezers are a great way to take food outdoors which otherwise become stale without cooling or freezing.

Portable freezers are generally smaller in size, and more compatible for traveling than ordinary freezers. Most of the portable freezers found today contain both AC and DC power plugging options, allowing for the freezer to be used with a simple cigarette lighter in a car, or a 12 V power source in a boat, or truck. A few freezers today are relying on solar energy that is generated from built-in solar panels. This is a great way to power a freezer, and is also more convenient than plug-in options.

Some more expensive portable freezers use propane to keep it cool. It is also more portable than plug-in freezers, but can be tough on upkeep and maintenance, as propane can be dangerous.

Some portable freezers offer all the amenities of a regular freezer, minus the amount of food they can store, since they are smaller. The features of a freezer may depend upon several factors, including the food-items that are required to be frozen. For example is a freezer that can be taken outdoors to provide for the need of ice for drinks in outdoor events or other activities. The manufacturer, the price, and the model of a portable freezer are also important criterions when considering the features that it should possess. Some freezers may have digital controls, and therefore are more expensive.

Some kinds of freezers offer an option for push button freezing. This means that, a food item can be frozen with the push of a button. It may also keep the temperature of the freezer ideal for frozen food items, such as ice, frozen desserts, and ice creams. This feature can be ideal for camping, hunting, boating, fishing, or other outdoor activity.

Some freezers have an automatic shut-off option, which is a helpful feature when traveling and powering the freezer through a car, as it shuts off the freezes before the car battery is drained out.

A portable freezer with a digital thermostat is perhaps more popular than other ones. Digital thermostats control the air-cooling and heating properties of a device, and are more popular than analogue thermostats. However, the presence of a digital thermostat may make the freezer appear to be better, but it is not necessarily an important or helpful component in a freezer that is meant to be carried outdoors.

Prices of portable freezers can vary from a $100 to $100, again, depending on the features, and on their respective brands. More expensive models of freezers use the Danfross compressor, which can bring down the temperature to a much lower point than other compressors, and thus is ideal for carrying ice, or chilled drinks.

Many manufacturers of such portable freezers are constantly coming up with new ideas of handy freezing. Some of these manufacturers are Norcold, Edgestar, and Engel. One of the more popular designs that have talked about is the Eco Freezer by Yanko Design that uses light as a source of charging the freezer. It has solar panels and photocells, and can be charged up by cigarette lighteners as well. The use of such innovative technology makes the small, picnic-basket sized freezer an ideal appliance to be carried anywhere.

Portable freezers are easy and convenient to use. With the presence of these, camping and fishing at long distances become a better adventure as the worry for food going bad can be left behind. Portable can also be used in dorm rooms, offices, or small apartments as they take up very little space. With all the comfort of freezing and portability that these appliances provide, they are definitely good investments for someone who travels or explores the outdoors often.

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