Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD players are a wonderful way to watch movies on the go without draining the battery on your laptop. Not only are they great for business flights, you can use them to watch movies when you’re standing in long lines … or you can give them to children on really long road trops.

There are all kinds of considerations involved in choosing a portable DVD player, including whether you value feature over quality. You also needto consider what kind of media you expect to play on your portable DVD player. If you’re only planning on playing DVDs you will be fine. However, if you would like to be able to play DivX and other digital video formats, you will need to take care to find a device that can play those formats.

In addition, hoe many people would you like to be able to plug into this DVD player at once? Some devices can connect up to three people to headsets, but you need to look out for that kind of stuff when making a purchase.

Then there are batteries. They don’t last forever, and you certainly will want to be able to recharge when necessary. Make sure your portable DVD player comes with a car charger, and most do. Also, pay special attention to what kind of battery your portable DVD player takes. Someday you will need to replace it, and you should know ahead of time what you’re looking for and where to find it.

Also, some devices have USB ports and/or slots for memort card reading. This is a good way to view other digital media such as JPEGs. However, don’t assume this connectivity is a given, as many portable DVD players do not have this feature than can be useful for some.

Screen size and quality are other special considerations to take unto account before purchasing a portable DVD player. Be sure to test drive your portable DVD player before purchasing it. Cables, carrying cases, mounting straps and headpieces are just some of the accessories you may want to consider purchasing after you find your perfect portable DVD player.

Below is a rundown of what experts consider some of the top portable DVD players:

The Sony DVP-FX820 sports an 8-inch screen with an 80X480 resolution. This device includes a swivel screen, remote control, an audio/visual cable. A car charger and a 6-hour battery. At 2.7 pounds, it is among the heavier models and it lacks a USB port to a flash card reader. In addition, there is no support for DivX or other digital video files. However, this device’s screen quality, design and battery life make the Sony DVP-FX820 a solid choice.

The Panasonic DVD-LS86 has an 8.5-inch screen and can play DivX, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, and JPEG files. A cable is included for easy connectivity, and the package also includes a car charger and a battery. However, there is no remote control, USB port or memory card reader.

The Insignia NS-PDVD10 has a 10-inch screen that swivels, three headphone jacks and AV inputs and outputs. However, case and straps are not included, nor is a USB port or media card reader. The device also cannot read digital media files.

The Philips DCP851 portable DVD player, interestingly enough, comes with an iPod dock and can play videos. This device includes an 8.5-inch screen and is compatible with DivX, MPEG4, JPEG and MP3. Also included is a memory card reader and a remote control.

The Toshiba SD-P71S offers a 7-inch screen, a remote control, a connector cable, a charger, and JPEG/MP3/WMA compatibility. There are no USB or memory card ports, nor a swivel screen or DivX compatibility.

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