Portable Cooktops

A portable cooktop is essentially a single burner cooking unit that has traditionally been called a ‘hot plate’ in the past. You can also buy a portable one that has two burners. The portable cooktop is placed on a countertop or any other flat heat resistant surface. These are very convenient for use in a small home, office or apartment. Some people will take a cooktop with them when they go camping as well. Portable cooktops work with either LPG or electricity. An electric portable cooktop is powered by electricity and must be plugged into an electrical outlet when in use. In LPG portable cooktop is powered by gas or propane. Innovative technology has also brought about the invention of a new kind of cooktop called an induction cooktop. An induction cooktop is an electric unit that utilizes magnetic coils for heating. The induction portable cooktop is relatively new to the United States, but is gaining in popularity over the traditional electrical or gas portable cooktops. It has been used in Europe for years and is quite popular there already. This type of portable cooktop is energy efficient, easy to use and easy to clean.

The price for an induction portable cooktop can vary. You can find traditional electric or gas portable cooktops for less than $50. The induction portable cooktops are much more expensive. The prices on these vary as well, but you can purchase a good one for under $200. You can use a portable cooktop in the office to boil water for tea or to heat up a lunch. Senior citizens find them safe and useful to have in their room in an assisted living community. There is never any fire danger when you use this type of portable cooktop. Actually, the induction portable cooktop is the safest kind to have.

When shopping for a portable cooktop it is best to base your decision on their energy efficiency, which will save you money in the long run. The induction portable cooktop is the most energy efficient cooktop on the market right now. An induction portable cooktop is wonderful to use if you are worried about heating up your kitchen in the summer as this type of cooktop only heats the pan. They afford precise temperature control and once it is turned off it will be cool to the touch. Whenever there is any children around you will not have to worry about them touching the unit and being burned, because the surface does not get hot. You can use one as a chafer dish to keep food warm during a holiday buffet dinner at home. They are even useful to melt chocolate in without needing a double burner. They make a great warmer for fondue and some people even use them like an electric crockpot, because you can cook on it with very low heat as long as the pan is on it.

There are various models and brands of the induction portable cooktop on the market today. Most of them have an automatic shutoff feature so that it is turned off once the pan is removed. This is a safety feature. Some models will detect overheating of the pan and will turn off automatically by itself. Some models will even turn off if it detects that the moisture content in the pan is too low. The only drawback with an induction portable cooktop is the fact that you have to have cookware that is magnetic for it to work. For instance, aluminum and Corning Ware or glass will not work on this type of cooktop. You can, however, use cast-iron pots and pans and stainless steel cookware that have magnetic bottoms. If you are not sure if your pots and pans will work with this type of cooktop you can test it by seeing if a kitchen magnet sticks to the bottom. If a magnet sticks the pot or pan will work on an induction cooktop.

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