Portable Clothes Washer

Washing clothes is one of those mundane chores that a person often dislikes, but can never find a way to go around it. For those who have limited free time, lugging bags of dirty laundry to a public Laundromat is not an ideal process. While modern washing machines can be purchased for home use, the expense of keeping and maintaining a personal washing machine is not something most people can afford. Not to mention, the lack of space in most apartments. Most washing machines use such a mass amount of water resources, that many apartments and compounds do not even allow personal washing machines.

For those who require quick, flexible washing equipment, preferably with minimum space consumption, the portable washing machines are the best solution. Portable washing machines are of two types – manual and electric.

Manual portable washing machines are ideal for those areas where electricity may be scarce or unavailable. The manual portable washing machine not only saves water and electricity, it saves money on energy bills. These machines allow for quick washes and smaller loads, economically and fast. The size allows for easy and convenient storage and use of the machine as needed. These machines are excellent, especially for campers, travelers, budding families and caravan travelers.

Electric portable washing machines are much like the originals, except that they are more compact and allow for much smaller loads at a time (around 2 – 5 pounds). Most are also more efficient with water and electricity than larger washing machines. They also make for easy storage and use.

Portable washing machines have a number of advantages over normal washing machines;

  • They are easy to link to water sources as they require no excess add-ons, pipes, or tubes.
  • These machines have a built-in water gauge sensor, which allows the machine to determine its own water requirements, so that water misuse, overflow and drainage occur without problems.
  • Because of its size, it is often ideal for many smaller families to do their weekly, or in case of larger families, daily washing without hassle, water-waste or excess expense.
  • The portable washing machines are equipped with most of the standard features of regular washing machines such as multiple wash-cycles, LCD screen, safety lock, etc.
  • The compact size of the appliance makes moving, storing and using the appliance easier and less cumbersome. This way, the machine can be stored away for convenience and taken down to be used when necessary.
  • This machine allows users to separate clothes into even better washing groups, for optimum clothing maintenance.

In today’s market, companies like Avanti, Kenmore, Whirlpool and Haier offer a wide selection of portable clothes washers for time-consumed consumers. Some models available in the market include;

  • Danby DWM99W Top Load Washer
  • Avanti W797 Top Load Washer
  • Avanti W798SS Stainless Steel Top Load Washer
  • Haier XQJ50-31 Top Load Washer
  • Summit Appliances Division SPW1200 Top Load Washer
  • Whirlpool LCE4332P Top Load Washer
  • Haier HLP20E Top Load Washer
  • Ge WSLP1100H Top Load Washer
  • Norfrost AC2000 Top Load Washer
  • Haier HLP455E Top Load Washer
  • Avanti W851 Top Load Washer
  • Whirlpool LCR5232H Top Load Washer
  • Haier 5 Lbs. Hand Washer
  • Danby Portable Twin Tub Washer
  • Hotpoint WSLP 1100HWW
  • Haier 6.6 lbs. Portable Pulsator Washer
  • Haier HLP021WM Pulsator Portable Washer

So, no matter where a person lives be it an apartment, hostel, and hotel, house or even on the road, a portable washing machine is quite ideal for quick, convenient and efficient washing. Now, it’s possible to customize your wash instead of having to cater to the load of the washing machine.

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