Popcorn Popper

Going to the movies is a special treat for many reasons. First, there’s the big screen. Then there’s the impressive sound system. But there’s also one thing that no moving going experience is complete without: the big tub of buttery, hot-air popped popcorn!

While you can’t really recreate the huge screen or the eardrum-popping sound system, you can certainly make popcorn just like you’d get at a movie theater with a hot air popcorn popper. This type of popcorn popper was around long before microwave popcorn was invented. In fact, hot air poppers have been around before microwaves were a common fixture in the kitchen. Hot air popcorn poppers are the traditional way to create everyone’s popular movie snack, and they’re very affordable, too.

There are a variety of different advantages to using a hot air popcorn popper instead of microwave popcorn. For one, you can make a lot more popcorn for a lot less money. Jars of popcorn kernels are available at most grocery stores. All you do is measure out the correct amount of kernels (the popcorn popper usually comes with its own measuring cup), put the lid on the popper, and start it up. In no time, freshly popped popcorn will come pouring out of the hot air popper and in to your bowl (and don’t forget to place your bowl under the spout of the popcorn popper or you’ll have popcorn going everywhere!). It doesn’t take any longer that popcorn made in the microwave, plus you seem to get more from hot air popped popcorn.

Once you’ve got your popcorn popped, you can flavor it to your desire. You can purchase specific butter for hot air popcorn, plus you can often find things like cheese powder or caramel mix-in to make your hot air popped popcorn perfect. You can even divide up the popcorn in to separate bowls and individually flavor them. If you have a household of picky eaters, this is perfect. One person can have their plain popcorn, another can have buttered popcorn, and the third can go crazy and add in whatever he or she wants.

Most hot air popcorn poppers look like small appliances, almost like a large, strange kind of electric can opener. However, not all popcorn poppers look like this. If you really want to capture that movie theater atmosphere, you can purchase popcorn poppers that look like the small box poppers you find at concession stands. These popcorn poppers are a little more expensive, but they can make a lot more popcorn. In fact, even the smallest ones can usually make four or five bowls of popcorn in very little time. Then there are the really large popcorn poppers, the ones that come built on their own cart. You can wheel these popcorn poppers around and make a great snack anywhere. They’re great for offices and other businesses that do a lot of promotional events. Schools may also benefit from having a large popcorn machine, especially for school carnivals and sporting events.

If you really want to bring that movie theater experience to your home, you can find several accessorize that go with your hot air popcorn popper. You’ll find various popcorn bowls and other dishes to serve your popcorn in. You might even get a promotional plastic popcorn bucket from a local movie theater that you can wash and reuse at home. But even if you just use standard white bowls, you’ll find your movie watching experience is a little more fun with a hot air popcorn popper. It makes great tasting popcorn that the whole family will enjoy.

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