Pool Vacuum Cleaners

At the height of a very hot summer, there is nothing more satisfying than taking a cooling, soothing, relaxing dip in the swimming pool. But what if you were to visit your local or neighborhood pool and discover that it will full of dirt and leaves? Suddenly diving in for a refreshing dip isn’t quite as appetizing, is it? Unfortunately, that is the case with many swimming pools that do not employ proper maintenance. If you have a swimming pool and want to make sure that your pool is tantalizingly blue and clean at all times, be sure you have a swimming pool vacuum cleaner system in place.

A swimming pool vacuum cleaner is an automated system that can be used to collect debris and sediment form swimming pools. If your pool has a pool vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to do nearly as much skimming. This can be an especially welcome reprieve when your pool is full of especially dirty sediment that you do not want to have to touch with the pool skimmer.

There are many advantages to operating a swimming pool cleaner, not the least of which is a visibly cleaner pool. If you operate a homeowner’s association or apartment complex swimming pool, having a clean and inviting pool makes your life easier. The tenants or home owners are happy and you get less complaints. Swimming pool vacuum cleaners also have another advantage that you might not have thought about. Because they keep the pool cleaner, the swimming pool then does not require as many chemicals. For someone with a high frequency pool, such as the aforementioned apartment complex or home owner’s association pool operator, then this can mean substantial savings on the swimming pool operations budget. Imagine being able to tell your tenants or home owners that investing in one small modification, a swimming pool vacuum cleaner, could actually lower their rent or home owner’s association fees. They would likely jump on the pool vacuum cleaner band wagon right quick.

Like quite a lot of the technology we think of as “modern,” pool vacuum cleaners were actually invented rather a long time ago. To be exact, pool vacuum cleaners were invented in 1951 by a man named Ferdinand Chauvier. Chauvier was a native of the Belgian Congo who had relocated to South Africa. There he realized what most swimming pool owners have found out – that cleaning swimming pools is quite the hassle. Seizing on this fact, he invented a swimming pool vacuum cleaner that was powered by the ordinary operation of the swimming pool’s filter. Chauvier’s first brand name pool vacuum cleaner was the Kreepy Krauly, and it was introduced to a pool vacuum cleaner-starved public in 1974.

If you are in the market for a pool vacuum cleaner, there are several terms you should know. A return-side drive pool vacuum cleaner uses the water that is being returned to the pool for locomotion and to suck out debris. A pressure drive pool vacuum cleaner works like a return-side pool vacuum, but it is assisted by a small booster pump. A suction-side drive pool vacuum cleaner uses water being pumped out of the pool for locomotion and debris suction, and an electronic pool vacuum cleaner employs an electric power cord to get its job done.

Return-side and pressure driven pool vacuum cleaners have fallen out of favor in recent years, but the other types have retained their popularity and usefulness. If you are in the market for a pool vacuum cleaner, be sure to research all types and perhaps approach a pool and spa expert on his or her opinion of the best pool vacuum cleaner for your individual situation.

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