PolyCom SoundStation2

The conference phone is one of the most important tools for people who work in business or government, and every office should have at least one that is readily available. It’s practically impossible to conduct remote meetings without a conference phone, and it’s a sure sign of ineptitude if the people at the other end do not have one. The PolyCom SoundStation2 is a top of the range conference phone that has excellent sound quality and many useful features. The price difference between the three models currently available can be as much as $300 at some stores, so it’s worthwhile spending a bit of time looking at the various features.

The PolyCom SoundStation2 is a low-profile desktop console, with three legs sticking out from the main body. The overall appearance is somewhat like a black starfish with a couple of legs missing. There is a microphone inside each leg, which is automatically selected depending on who is speaking at the time. This feature allows everyone around a conference table to be heard with equal clarity. The excellent pickup ability of the microphones allows someone to be heard up to ten feet away. Additional microphones can be added to the expandable model to increase its pickup range, but the other two models do not support this feature.

The original conference phones had poor sound quality and were difficult to use, but the modern phones are superior to them in many ways. The use of advanced technology has eliminated most of the problems that plagued the early models, such as feedback and background noise. It also allows for two-way (full-duplex) communication which is a more natural way of speaking. This technology is called Acoustic Clarity in the PolyCom SoundStation2, which also uses dynamic noise cancellation to remove background noises. Even if you are still using an original SoundStation, you can benefit from upgrading to the newer version because it has greater microphone sensitivity.

As mentioned before, there are currently three models of the PolyCom SoundStation2 available. The expandable model is the most expensive because it’s the only one that supports additional microphones. Both the expandable model and the one below it have a backlit LCD display that shows caller ID, phonebook, and other helpful user functions. The basic model is the least expensive but has no LCD display and does not support additional microphones. The lack of an LCD display and user functions is a drawback for the basic model, even more so than its lack of support for additional microphones.

The PolyCom SoundStation2 has all the usual functions one would expect to find on an office phone, such as redial, mute, tranfer, and hold. The models with a backlit LCD display also have ringtone selection, multi-lingual support, and speed dial. The expandable model supports two additional microphones, which need to be purchased separately. With the aid of a PolyCom computer calling kit connected to the applications port, cheap VOIP calls can be made over the internet without using a headset. All the models have non-slip feet to stop them moving around on a desktop, and they come with a one year warranty.

Installation of the PolyCom SoundStation2 is a simple task that takes very little time. The box includes the desktop console, interface module, cables, and user guide. After the interface module has been plugged into a wall socket, it’s connected to the phone jack by one cable, and also to the desktop console by other cable. External devices, such as a voice recorder, are plugged into the RCA jack on the interface module. If a mobile phone is used instead of a phone jack, it’s plugged directly into the desktop console. As soon as the cables have been plugged in, the PolyCom SoundStation2 is ready to go.

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