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Imagine getting dressed, fighting traffic and then paying twelve dollars for a movie ticket and another twenty for popcorn and sodas. Imagine entering the theater and, at the last minute, having a mother and her infant sit directly behind you. Then imagine sitting through a bunch of boring commercials and previews. Ah, here it finally is, the feature presentation! …Then imagine watching beautiful pictures on the big screen accompanied by low, tinny, fuzzy or distorted sound. You would ask for your money back, wouldn’t you? This kind of sound from a theater is unacceptable! So why put up with low, tinny, fuzzy or distorted sound with your home theater system? It’s true, bad speakers are one of the most common causes for complaint among home theater system owners. They simply skimp on their speaker budget when investing in a home theater and then become disappointed when their home theater’s sound quality fails to duplicate the sound quality found at the multiplex.

Investing in good high quality speakers for your home theater system, such as Polk speakers, would solve the problem of bad home theater system sound quality. Polk speakers have a lot going for them. First, they have immediate name brand recommendations. Polk Audio has made a name for itself by furnishing the world with high quality, audio enhanced speakers. Anybody who has ever set foot into an electronics store is sure to see some Polk speakers displayed prominently somewhere in the audio section. Also, not only do Polk speakers offer high quality sound, they are aesthetically pleasing, as well. It’s no wonder that people who own high end home theater or stereo systems prefer Polk speakers. The home based Polk speaker models usually come with a black high gloss finish and a smooth cherry wood case. They definitely look like speakers for the sophisticated home theater owner. Their aesthetic design is more high end middle class than it is trendy teenager with his first stereo.

Polk speakers are also available in many shapes, sizes, forms and formats. They do not only provide speakers for home use. For example, Polk produces car audio speakers, amplifiers, and FM tuners. Basically, if it has to do with providing high quality sound, Polk Audio probably has their hand in the pot somewhere. So where did Polk Audio come from and how did they rise to prominence in the speaker world?

As with so many audio companies, Polk got their start in the 1970′s. This was about the time that American consumers began wanting to listen to music in the home more than in the clubs or at concerts. Because of this, the demand for high quality speakers increased exponentially. The company was founded by three students at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross graduated together in 1971 after producing a sound system for a local bluegrass convention. Polk designed the speaker system while Klopfer built the distinctive Polk Audio cabinets. Discovering that the administrators of the convention could not actually afford to pay for the system, Klopfer designed a logo for Polk Audio and attached it to the speakers. Gross began marketing Polk Audio and also helped establish Polk’s worldwide dealer network. Essentially, what started out as a non-paying gig for three college students turned into one of the most prestigious audio companies in the world.

Very shortly after creating their branding, Polk speakers became popular in audiophile circles, and established the good name they are known for today. If you are in the market for speakers, whether it be for your home audio, your car or even for your garage band, Polk speakers should be on your list.

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