Point-of-Use Water Heater

Point-of-Use water heaters are installed within a short distance of the sink that it is connected to. The water heater itself is a fairly small device that has a limited heating capacity. A point-of-Use water heater is usually used to heat no more than two kitchen sinks. The heater can also be used with a bathroom sink. You can also purchase a point-to-Use water heater with a higher capacity that is compatible with a bathroom shower and laundry machines.

Why Use a Point-of-Use Water Heater
Some water heaters are unreliable as there are major delays of the water being heated and provided to you. This can also lead to water being wasted and this will ultimately cost you money as well. Anyone that has a large home with a single water heater being used throughout the whole house can relate. A Point-of-Use water heater eliminates the difficulties that exist when using just one water heater for your whole home.

The delay in hot water being provided to you is usually caused by the fixture being far from the water heater. If you install a Point-of-Use water heater it will be very close to the fixture. This allows the fixture to be provided hot water immediately instead of taking time to heat up.

You could install Point-of-Use water heaters all over your home for various fixtures or just for ones that are far away from your main heater. If you decide to convert to just using Point-of-Use water heaters then you could benefit a lot from doing so. You will not only be saving in material costs but you are also eliminating the need to waste water that is not tempered correctly.

Choosing a Point-of-Use Water Heater
You also have many options when choosing what type of Point-of-Use water heater to use. There are different tank sizes of this type of water heater available. They generally vary from two to six gallons in each unit. This is only speaking for the tank models as they are very durable and heavy duty.

If you were to purchase a tankless model then you have no limit to the amount of hot water being supplied. This would obviously be the optimal choice but it is not as durable. A tankless Point-of-Use water heater will also need a fair amount of electric back up.These devices need at least a 240V electric supply and 120 amps dedicated to them to work properly.

You will not benefit much from using a small tank model but they are still useful. It is your only option then it would still be worth investing in one of them. The main issue with the tank unit is that you are limited to a small amount of hot water at once. Many of these heaters also take quite a while to refill the hot water supply in the tank. Therefore, this would not be a good choice for a bathroom shower, laundry machines, or any device that calls for a lot of hot water.

You may be able to benefit from using a tank model with a kitchen or bathroom sink but this will vary by household. The only redeeming quality of the tank models is that there is nothing complicated about the installation process. Many of these water heaters can even be used in combination with a power outlet in your wall.

The last thing to look at would be if tankless Point-of-Use water heaters are really worth using. The main reason to use these devices would be to get your bathroom shower an unlimited supply of hot water. However, there are issues with this type of water heater and they are not easily used in a confined area. If the device was installed outside your home there may be no concerns but this is a subject that requirs further research.

A Point-of-Use water heater can be a great investment. You can easily install the device in a close proximity to any fixtures in your home. This will allow for an instant supply of hot water and no delay or wasted water as a result of it. You can even rid yourself of the financial burden that is commonly associated with using a single water heater for your whole home. Overall, a Point-of-Use water heater is a great investment and if you are looking to make the conversion then you should read up more on this type of water heater.

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