Pocket Video Camera

Pocket video cameras are designed to be sleek, lightweight, and portable. Most designs of these small video cameras are barely larger than a basic mobile phone. With the small size of these video cameras, it makes them easy to bring along as you could comfortably carry them in your pocket.

You may not have a specific use for a pocket video camera but they can come in handy at times. You have the ability to record video of anything you see while you are gone out. This could be useful if something interesting occurred. Many people miss out on recording various intense situations and scenarios as most video cameras are simply not very portable. With a pocket video camera, you can just throw it in your pocket and not even realize it is still there. If you ever need to use it then it will be on hand at all times.

Uses of a Pocket Video Camera
Besides what was just mentioned, a pocket video camera is useful in a few other ways as well. One of the most convenient uses of a pocket video camera is that you can record videos anywhere and upload them online to YouTube or various other video websites. Pocket video cameras are designed with a decent picture quality so you should be able to catch every detail while recording.

The ability to record a video and upload it to a video website later on can be very helpful if you are attempting to promote yourself or a website. If you happened to catch a crazy event such as a police car on fire, a huge auto accident, or whatever else, you would be able to upload that content online.

To take it to a further extent, if you were to catch a celebrity on camera it could be a major pay day for you. For instance, Tiger Woods vanishing from the camera has made the value of even just a picture of him increase exponentially. Imagine if you lucked out and ran into him somehow and did not have a way to actually record the video, you could be out a quarter million dollars.

Choosing a Pocket Video Camera
There are many different brands and models of pocket video cameras to choose from. However, you want to make sure you buy the best video camera that you can afford. Two highly recommended pocket video cameras would be the Vado HD and the Flip Ultra HD.

The Flip Ultra HD is by far the most popular pocket video camera on the market today and is a solid investment. With this camera you get an extremely high quality video recording. The camera works smoothly with both with ample light and a limited amount of light. The two inch LCD screen is also worth mentioning as it helps with recording the video as accurately as possible. As well, the features and settings offered with the Flip Ultra HD are very impressive.

With a price tag of around $150-200, the Flip Ultra HD is a great investment. Of course, you should check out the alternatives as well, such as the Vado HD. Your final decision should not just be based on what most people’s opinions are on the subject. You should look at the top end models of pocket video cameras and decide which one offers the design and features that best suits your needs.

Before making a purchase you should put some thought into what exactly you are looking for. There is a lot of information available on specific models of pocket video cameras online. Just do some research on the products available and choose one that both interests you and has positive customer feedback.

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