Pocket PC

A Pocket PC is a small device that is really a mini computer. It can have spreadsheets, a word processor, games, calculators, drawing software etc. You can get on the internet with your Pocket PC and the new ones have Bluetooth capabilities and other wireless accessories. In fact, 3G technology has made the pocket pc to be one of the best selling products for communications.

There are tons of competitors on the market that offer these mobile devices for sale. Sales statistics show that sales for these devices are exceeding all expectations. Millions of people are buying their own personal pocket pc. They can be found for sale on sites like Ebay and Amazon. You can find a Dell Axim X30, or iPaqs and Palms on Ebay for about the same price as most mp3s. A pocket pc has more features though. They are easy to carry and you just let it find a connection for you. Download TCPMP onto your Pocket PC then you’ll be able to watch movies and flash videos.

A new Pocket PC will also be a camera and a phone. They are used for business or personal use. You can send and receive email and search the internet while listening to live music or talking on your phone. The trendy new ones have touch screen technology. A lot of people will not even leave their house without their Pocket PC.

A pocket PC is useful as a log book. If you are a tutor, athlete, truck driver or have the need to keep a log going, you will find one invaluable. Any type of daily activity can be logged in easily and efficiently. They are also efficient for artists who purchase software for it like VS Paint and use it like a drawing tablet. If you buy an SD card that has a built in GPS or download a map viewer, you will be able to use your Pock PC as a portable GPS device. All you have to do with the map viewer is download what ever map you need off of the internet.

Another unique use for your Pocket PC is that it can be used for gaming. Using it for gaming will require one that has a processor over 600MHz so you can download roms and emulators. It will then function much like Gameboy, GameGear, SNES, PSP or Genesis. Add a Bluetooth game controller and your all set to go, anywhere, anytime.

A lot of people these days are blogging or doing freelance work on the internet. A Pocket PC is fantastic to carry with you so that you can make your blog entries whenever you have some free time. There is no more need to be tied down at home to make your blog entries. Go on trips out of town and still maintain your blogs and check you email. All you need to add is a Bluetooth keyboard and then type your entries right into the Pocket Word or text editor. The keyboards fold up and are just as easy to take along with you as the Pocket PC is. Whenever you want to type in your blog, just take out the keyboard and leave your PDA in your pocket. If you are at home and want to do your blogging from the comfort of your couch, this is a very inexpensive and easy way to do it.

An added benefit of having a Pocket PC is that it can be an eReader for you too. Just download an eBook reader from the internet and enjoy the ability to carry dozens of books of all kinds with you wherever you go.

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