Plain Paper Fax Machine

The plain paper fax machine has all but replaced the older ones that were called thermal fax machines. The thermal fax machine used a long roll of paper and these fax machines were very expensive. Each time a fax was sent the paper had to be cut to the size of the transmission. Now you can buy a good plain paper fax machine for less than $100 if you shop around. There are all kinds of plain paper fax machines to choose from today. These newer fax machines use regular printer or copier paper and standard ink.

A plain paper fax machine will send and receive documents. One will transmit a graphic picture or a printed page across telephone lines. The receiving fax machine will reconstruct the data that is sent over the telephone line once it receives it. Businesses and residential customers use plain paper fax machines all the time now. The plain paper fax machines have really taken over market and are being sold for very low prices so that just about anyone can buy one that wants one. If you watch your weekly specials at places like Staples or Best Buy you may even be able to get one for free depending on what the special is. Anyone can fax important paperwork clear across the world from the privacy of their own home now if you want to in a matter of mere seconds thanks to the invention of fax machines. A good reason to buy one is so that you will totally eliminate the need for standing in line to use the fax machine in public places like the library or post office, etc.

You can get a plain paper fax machine included in a multi-function machine that will send faxes, print of your pc, copy or scan documents into your pc all in one machine. Some of these machines even have a telephone that can be used to replace your house phone. This type of fax machine can tell when an incoming call is coming from a person or from another fax machine. All fax machine calls will be answered even if you are not there. Of course this depends on the kind of fax machine you buy. The cost of sending a fax can vary and depends on the price of the toner and ink and how much it uses when it receives a fax. You should take this into consideration before buying a fax machine because the supplies you will need for it can really add up. The fax machine companies really make their money off of the supplies that you will need to replenish. If you only need to fax something now and then it will not cost much. If you do a lot of faxing on a daily basis you should invest in a higher priced fax machine that can make fast transmissions for you. The most common kind of plain paper fax machines on the market now are the laser and inkjet fax machines. These are the kinds that you will find in almost every office or home. Plain paper fax machines are so common in homes that they are almost considered a regular household appliance now.

Hewlett Packard, Brother, Oki and Cannon are some major brand makers of the plain paper fax machine. The best ones have 512K of memory. You can find a plain paper fax machine at computer and electronic stores as well as office supply stores. They are also available online. Before you choose one to buy you can go online and read the reviews for that particular model so you can make an informed decision. You should also be sure the one you get will be compatible with your pc before you buy it.

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