Pizzelle Maker

Pizzelle are sweet, somewhat crisp, and can be imprinted for decoration, and a pizzelle maker can be a great gift for anyone who loves cooking and likes something a little different. But if you’re not a foodie, you may never have heard of pizzelle, let alone a pizzelle maker.

So what is a pizzelle (and that word is pronounced almost like “pit-zelle” in the same way as “pizza” is pronounced), anyway? Well, it’s traditionally Italian, and it’s an interesting kind of twist between a waffle and a cookie. Pizzelle is traditionally made from eggs, flour, sugar, butter (although many substitute the healthier vegetable oil), and flavoring like vanilla. Depending on how long you cook it and what you put into it, pizzelle can be both soft and chewy or crisp and hard (which is how the traditional pizzelle is). In Italy, pizzelle are served at Christmas, Easter, and at traditional Italian weddings.

The pizzelle originated in south-central Italy in the region of Abruzzo. Pizzelle itself means flat or round and it does, as you might think, come from the same root word as “pizza.” A pizzelle is one of the oldest cookies ever to be baked, and many other countries and cultures have a cookie similar to the pizzelle. Traditionally, pizzelle was made using a pizzelle iron, a device that looks somewhat like a waffle iron. After the batter was poured into the pizzelle iron, it is held over a stovetop burner until the cookie is cooked as desired. Often, the pizzelle iron stamp a pattern on both sides of the cookie – generally, a snowflake is used. After being cooked, two pizzelle can be sandwiched together using frosting or some other filling. Today, many pizzelle brands are available in grocery stores.

Now that you know what a pizzelle is, let’s see what a pizzelle maker can do. Obviously, it allows you to quickly and easily make pizzelle in your home. Unlike pizzelle irons, there’s no need to hold the pizzelle iron over the stove. Instead, modern, electric pizzelle makers are much easier to use. You simply take your batter, place it on the nonstick surface of the pizzelle maker, close the lid, and wait for about a minute. Tada! You have two pizzelle ready to eat. Most pizzelle makers include switches that allow you to adjust the temperature so you can have those soft, chewy pizzelle or you can have those crisp traditional pizzelle.

Once you have your pizzelle, you can do several things with it. You can, of course, let it cool and eat it as a cookie. You can also roll it into a cannoli (some pizzelle makers even include a dowel for this) or turn it into a small dessert bowl. As the pizzelle cools, it hardens, so it will keep its shape. You can fill a shaped pizzelle with chocolate, whipped cream, or even fruit. Almost all pizzelle makers include a small recipe book that will give you many different ideas as to what to do with your pizzelle, and if you need more ideas, you can always search the internet or visit your local bookstore.

A pizzelle makes a great gift for someone who likes to own unique things. Very few people own pizzelle makers. By purchasing one for yourself or for a friend, you’re guaranteeing unique, interesting snacks for everyone involved. You can even get the whole family involved with a pizzelle maker. Kids can help pour the batter (with adult supervision, of course) and shape the pizzelle into bowls or other shapes. If you’re looking for something different for someone who loves cookies and other desserts, a pizzelle maker may be just the thing.

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