Pioneer Elite Receiver

The Pioneer Corporation released its first receiver in 1978. It is their SX-1980 receiver and it is still the most powerful receiver on the market today. Pioneer is a multinational corporation which specializes in products for entertainment purposes. The company was first founded in 1938 and the Pioneer brand is a well known brand today. Pioneer has played a major role in innovative technology advancements being used in the consumer electronics industry.

When it comes to a home theater receiver it will play a critical role in the performance of the rest of your equipment. If you get a Pioneer Elite Receiver you will actually be saving money in the long run because you will not have to spend more to upgrade it frequently to keep up with technology. The Pioneer Elite receiver is wanted by anyone who is an audiophile and loves the pure sounds of music. These receivers can reproduce an outstanding studio quality sound. The Pioneer Elite Receiver VSX-94TXH uses remarkably innovative technology and is considered to be one of the most advanced audio-video receivers every produced by Pioneer. It uses the most sophisticated processing in any home theater system. This Pioneer Elite receiver is built with 140 watts of power. It has the Faroudja DCDi Video Scaler and is a 7.1 channel a/v receiver. It features the Home Media Gallery-audio with USB input. Other features include DLNA Compliant Network Music and internet radio. It has 4 inputs and 1 output.

The Pioneer Elite Receiver VSX-03TXH is an excellent choice for your home theater system as well. It has state of the art A/V processing and is compatible with a 1080 flat-panel HDTV. It is compatible with the latest HD audio formats and Blu-ray Disc movies. The aluminum front panel contains the Direct Energy Amplifier. It features 110 watts of power across 7 channels. This Pioneer receiver also uses HDMI jitter reduction technology so you get the purest sound and video capabilities that are possible in a home theater receiver today. It also has Pioneers proprietary sound tuning and digital processing technology which ensures exact sonic reproduction.

The Pioneer Elite VSX-91TXH AV is also an excellent choice for a home theater system. It is supports all surround formats and Dolby True- HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. This is a 7.1 channel receiver and has THX Select, Stereo Power: 110 W, Surround Power: 110 W, Standard Remote Control, Decoders: Dolby Digital. This Pioneer receiver has HDMI switching and is famous for its automatic set up.

Pioneer Elite Receiver VSX-23TXH 7.1 is a top of the line receiver. It has more HDMI inputs with one input being in the front. This is useful for camcorders and digital camera. This Pioneer receiver is one of their first THX Select2 plus A/V receivers. The newest high resolution audio formats are compatible with this receiver.

The Pioneer Elite SC-05 receiver is a one that is engineered for HD. It is a 7.1 amplifier and has excellent surround sound. It is supported by Pioneers sound-tuning technology and is designed to produce a 3-dimenisionl experience for you. Most Pioneer Elite Receivers come with the traditional black gloss finish. For the latest news on Pioneer Elite receivers you can always check online. When shopping for a good home theater system be sure you compare products and read available reviews on the various brands and models. Pioneer is famous for offering high quality stereo receivers at affordable pricing. Most Pioneer Elite Receivers mentioned sell for around $1000 or a little more. You can not find a higher quality receiver for less than that. Pioneer may cost a little more but they are worth the price.

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