Pin Connector

A pin connector is a type of connector used on many different pieces of computer equipment. There are many different types of pin connectors; some are used only on internal pieces of equipment. These internal connectors may be used to connect hard drives, CD/DVD drives, sound cards, or other internal cards and devices to the motherboard. Other types of external pin connectors include the round connectors that used to be found on every keyboard and mouse. These pin connectors, called PS/2 connectors, were the long-standing traditional connections for keyboards and mice; however, today they are slowly being replaced by USB connections.

The standard pin connectors, or Mini-DIN or PS/2 connectors, were traditionally about 9.5 mm in diameter. They came in seven different styles. The major difference in these styles was in the number of pins in the connector. Each style of pin connector was designed so that another could not be plugged into it. The holes in a four pin connector, for example, were arranged differently than those in a three pin connector so one couldn’t force a three pin connector into a four pin connection. The most popular of these types of pin connectors were the five pin, which was used for MIDI input and output, and the six pin, which was used for PC keyboards and mice. Macintosh serial ports and some computer devices made by Sun Microsystems made use of eight pin connectors, while some speakers and video cards actually used nine pin connectors.

There are some non-standard pin connectors that were the same shape as the Mini-DIN connectors. They ranged from seven pin to ten pin connectors, but they are rarely seen except on specific pieces of equipment. The seven pin model is the most used out of this group, appearing on some laptops and video cards. This port can be used as a standard S-video output. The three extra pins in the connection provide different functions depending on which company manufactured the device. Some companies who have used these types of seven pin connectors include Dell, Apple, ATI, and GeForce.

Internally, many computers use pin connectors called Molex connectors to supply power to hard drives and CD/DVD drives. Users who have opened up their computers will be able to identify these pin collectors by their flat, rectangular white plastic heads and the three colored wires (generally yellow, red, and black or blue) that go from the device to the power supply. Other types of small pin collectors can be seen going from the motherboard to any external soundcard installed on a computer. These look like very small Molex connectors and usually have the same colored cables running from the card to the motherboard.

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