Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Safeties should always come first than comforts… but ideally you want to get the best of both worlds. For example, you may choose to install a fire alarm in your house to be safe from fire hazards. But after a while you may realize your fire alarm is too sensitive, and it keeps causing nuisance (false) alarms. In this case, your safety may be getting in the way of your comfort, but fortunately that’s something that can be managed if you choose getting a photoelectric smoke detector. These devices are among the most advanced and versatile fire detectors available on the market, and they can go a long way towards diminishing or eradicating the occurrence if nuisance alarms.

How to use a photoelectric smoke detector
Even though it’s meant as preventive device, a good photoelectric smoke alarm can be used as a stand-alone fire safety system, provided you instruct your family in how to react to the sound of the alarm. As you may know, most household fire start with a source of flames inside the house, which usually goes by unnoticed until it has grown out of proportion. By using a photoelectric smoke detector, you can feel much safer regarding this issue… and sometimes the warning sound might be timely enough to allow keeping the fire from escalating.

Once you’ve installed your photoelectric smoke detectors, you should make sure to test them thoroughly, with different sources of smoke. If the detector you choose features different sensitivity settings, you want to experiment with it to make sure it’s working as you expect. Try using different sources of fire and smoke and place them at varying distances from the smoke detector, so you get a sense of how effective your photoelectric smoke detector really is.

Where to install a photoelectric smoke detector
Even though it’s not an actual way to combat roaring fire, it can make a huge difference by letting you know there’s a fire in your house before it gets too big for you to control it yourself. However, you must keep in mind that each detector only covers the room it’s installed on; so ideally, you should install at least one smoke alarm in each bedroom, and another in the kitchen. It should be fairly obvious why it’s important having a fire detector in the kitchen (since there are usually sources of open fire there, such as your oven burners), but not everyone realizes just why it’s even more important installing fire detectors in all bedrooms.

To begin with, there are several potential sources of fire in most bedrooms, which people oftentimes don’t think of: anything from your laptop to your computer can potentially short-circuit and trigger a fire. Additionally, many people have the bad habit of smoking in bed, which is actually one of the most common ways to accidentally trigger a household fire. Most importantly, people are most vulnerable when a fire ignites in their bedrooms, since they might be sleeping through the incident and they might fail to wake up until it’s too late, unless there’s a proper alarm to wake them as soon as the fire starts.

Since photoelectric smoke detectors are reasonably inexpensive, you will probably want to go all out and install a detector in each room of your household, not just the seemingly critical rooms such as the kitchen. This is the best way of making sure you have the most protection, as well as being prepared to a wide range of potential fire accidents. Since it is better being safe than sorry, this is an investment you will be unlikely to ever regret.

Additional precautions when using photoelectric smoke detectors
Besides installing photoelectric smoke detectors in all your rooms and making sure they work properly, there are other precautions you should observe, to ensure your family as well as your belongings are adequately protected from possible fire hazards. Most importantly, you should do regular maintenance; at least once per year you should change batteries on all your smoke detectors, as well as making sure they’re still working properly.  Besides doing proper maintenance, you should also communicate with your family and arrange a good emergency procedure in case there’s a fire.

Remember, a smoke detector will only give you the advanced warning if there’s a fire, but it won’t fight the fire or evacuate your family. As such, it might be a good idea creating fire drill of sorts to make sure everyone is be prepared in case the alarms do happen to sound, one day. You may want to arrange a place outside the house for everyone to meet, and instruct your infants on how to contact the fire department, for example. It may sound like a pointless routine, but it will be extremely useful in case there’s an actual fire.

Installing photoelectric fire detectors in your house is an inexpensive way to make sure your family is safe form the threat of fire, but you must remember it’s also a limited preventive mechanism. You might also want to install some fire sprinklers, or at least make sure the water supply in your house would be sufficient (and with adequate pressure) to allow the fire-fighters to do their work, in case you ever have to deal with a household fire.

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