Whether you own a business or just need to be able to make copies of important papers you may be in need of a photocopier. Before purchasing a photocopier you must first consider what features you will want. Photocopiers come in many sizes. Some are large and stand alone while others may fit on a desktop. You may decide on a photocopier depending on how much room you have to put one.

Some photocopiers have the ability to print large amounts of paper very quickly. Some can hold only a few pieces of paper at a time and are a little slower to print. If you work in a fast paced business where many papers will need printed at a time then you may benefit from one of the faster and more efficient machines. However if your needs are not so demanding then a simpler machine may be best for you.

Photocopiers can have many different features available. One of the most important features to consider is the resolution of the copier. If you need prints that are of high quality then you will definitely want a photocopier with higher resolution. Many people use photocopiers just for the scan only feature if they want to store a copy of something on their computer. A good resolution will be necessary for the image to look good on the computer screen. You may also want to have the ability to crop and zoom in on certain parts of the page. Not every machine will be able to do this. Other features may include stapling and image shifting for special printing needs. Some photocopiers can be directly linked to your computer so you do not have to leave your desk to print. This can be very handy when trying to get a lot of work done. You may also choose to purchase a photocopier that can double as a fax machine. This way you know you are able to send faxes and receive faxes all through one device.

Shopping for a new photocopier can be a little stressful when you are unsure what features you want or need. Taking your time to learn about all the different types of photocopiers is a good idea. If you are unsure what photocopier would be best for your copying and printing needs then you may want to consult someone who is knowledgeable about photocopiers.

Photocopiers can range in price depending on size and features. Many of them can range up into the thousands of dollars range however they can be well worth the investment if you plan on using them daily. You can choose from the newer digital copiers or stick with the more common Xerox machines. You may also choose a machine that has a larger scanning area for bigger sheets of paper. Some photocopiers are only capable of printing in black and white while others are great at printing in color. You may want a machine that can hold 1,000 sheets of paper at once to prevent from needing to refill the paper compartment often and for those that need to print quickly you may want to find a machine the can print up to 35 sheets of paper a minute. Everyone has their own needs and preferences and this will affect the price of the photocopier you may choose.

Another thing to consider is how much it will cost to maintain your new photocopier. You should always factor in the price of ink replacement cartridges, paper and new light bulbs for your photocopier if needed. Photocopiers are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who has scanning and copying needs however doing your research and picking the perfect photocopier for your situation is recommended.

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