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Choosing the best photo printer isn’t exactly a cut and dry process because different photos will satisfy different lifestyles. Are you a professional photographer? A graphic artist? An over-eager parent? Some will need professional output, others will require vast amounts of output. Other will require something more compact devices, while others will need a simple inkjet.

Below you will find some top printers recommended by our editors.

  • HP Photosmart C8180 All-in-One: Credited for good color and text prints, a superior WiFi setup and a dual feeder tray. There is a built in DVD archiving system. Unfortunately, it does not offer fax or automatic paper feed capabilities. This printer is also expensive, grayscale scans lack quality and the prints take a long time to process. However, it’s a grand choice for photo experts. It may be slow and expensive, but the output is fantastic.
  • Canon Pixma iP2600 Photo Printer: This device is known for its good design and ease of storage. The color balance is even, the text sharp and it is considered a good bargain for the level of print quality that it puts out. However, brighter colors has a slightly gray over shadow, a USB cord is not included and the photos seem to expose fingerprints very easily. This is an affordable choice for personal photos and text documents.
  • Canon Pixma MX7600 This device produces very fast graphic and photo prints, has a fax keypad, an automatic duplex feature, a clear ink cartridge that improves print quality and many settings that increase options. However, the text speed, high price tag and size leaves much to be desired.
  • The Samsung ML-2851ND is a good choice for small businesses because if its speed and text quality.
  • The Lexmark X7675 Pro is a good all-in-one with excellent prints and a solid 5-year warranty.

Here are some other things to consider when purchasing a photo printer:

  • If the printer is for home, getting a laser jet or inkjet will depend on whether you’re printing text-heavy documents, are a digital camera enthusiast, etc. A laser printer is good for quick and many prints, while a high-quality inkjet can be great for photo hobbyists.
  • A multipurpose printer is good for the home office or small business.
  • A “workhorse” model outputs a lot of documents quickly and is good for a small business or a team of a large corporation. This is great for large documents.
  • Let your budget be your guide, and think about factors such as photo paper, ink, and why you need these photos. One could save a lot of money by buying a less fancy printer and putting their investment in supplies. The expense adds up fast.
  • On the other hand, don’t go for the cheapest printer on the block unless it just so happens to be the best choice for what you need.
  • Keep all original packaging and warranties of your printer.
  • Learn exactly what kind of ink it carries so that while you are at the store you will purchase the right kind.
  • Keep track of the specials in town among local printer retailers. Soon you’ll get a feel for what is considered a god price and you’ll know a good bargain when you spot one.
  • Search the Internet specials, but beware of bundle deals that will rapidly increase the price.
  • You can use advertisements of other retailers to strike up a deal with another retailer. See if they will beat the price of another store. The price they’re trying to sell the photo printer for isn’t necessarily the price it can actually go for.
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