Phonograph Cartridge

An audio system contains a microscopic device that is responsible for reading the grooves in any CD’s that are put into the system. The device that does this is the phonograph cartridge. If this device is low quality, then the quality of the audio will suffer. This is the reason for it being important for an audio system to have a high quality phonograph cartridge.

The Importance of a High Quality Phonograph Cartridge
If you do not have a high quality phonograph cartridge, then the disc reading will not be completely accurate. This can lead to information being transferred poorly in the audio system. The reproduction of this audio will then be low quality, even if played on quality speakers. As long as you have a high quality and efficient phonograph cartridge, you will not have to worry about this being a problem.

The Design of a Phonograph Cartridge
To understand the design of a phonograph cartridge, and how it works, you must also know about the other relevant components that operate with it. The most important part that you need to know about is the tube that connects to a magnet at one end, and a stylus tip at the other end.

The tube will vibrate at a consistent level. The stylus tip will be vigorously moving and this will cause the magnet to move as well, even though it is at the opposite end of the tube.

There are tiny magnetic poles that are located around the magnet within the phonograph cartridge. There is also a copper wire coil that surrounds the magnetic poles. Any movement from the magnet will travel through the magnetic poles. When the magnetic energy travels through the copper wire coil it will create a signal. The signal will then be sent to the amplifier where it will then be sent to the speakers.

The signal that is produced by the copper wire coil will be the same signal that was existent at the stylus tip, at the start of the process. This is only the case if the phonograph cartridge is high quality and efficient enough to complete the process properly though. The tube is in a vital location within the signal chain, and so it will play a major role in the quality of the sound that is reproduced after it is processed through the phonograph cartridge.

Determining the Quality of the Phonograph Cartridge
There are many things that can factor into the quality of the phonograph cartridge. One of the major things to consider would be the mass of the tube. If the tube has a relatively high mass, it would not be very efficient at reproducing the sound at the expected quality. If the tube has a reasonable lower mass, then it will provide a higher quality sound reproduction as a result.

The mass of the stylus tip can also be factored in. For optimal results, you will want as low of a combined mass for the stylus tip and tube as possible. This will decrease the risk of the CD not being read properly, or signals dropping. If there is a higher mass, it will not be as efficient as it will lose some information while it tries to pick up signals from the CD grooves.

The phonograph cartridge is an important part in any audio system. It will be a very vital component in the overall quality of the sound produced from the speakers. If there is a low quality phonograph cartridge in the audio system, then it can reduce the quality of the sound that is reproduced. It can be difficult to understand the specifics of how the phonograph cartridge works, but some more research may help you better understand it.

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