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With the advent of high definition technology, DVD players can do more than ever before. Picture quality is sharper, audio quality is more improved. While DVD quality in general is good anyway because it is all digital, high definition takes it to an entirely new level. Most DVD players are about the same in visual quality. It will the features that help you determine which is right for you. You may find a DV player that boasts a lot of features, but if your television or other devices are not compatible with the DVD player it doesn’t really matter. Audio features vary among DVD players, and this may be influence your choice. While all systems have Dolby Stereo, some are compatible with surround speakers while others are not.

More basic, but more importantly, try everything out before you take one home. Make sure everything opens and closes and plays when you like it. Make sure the remote is useful and comfortable enough for you to use. If you can’t understand how the remote works, then it is pretty pointless. Zoom, progressive scan, and angles are other features that may influence your system. Luckily, most DVD players use a 10-bit video processor, so you don’t need to strain yourself trying to figure out which DVD players are performing better than others. More importantly, just make sure the DVD player is going to be compatible enough to hook up with the devices you have at home.

Consider these Philips DVD Players:
The DVDR3506 DVD player and recorder includes progressive scan and 1080p HDMI with a SDTV digital receiver. Progressive scan is a device that doubles the resolution of the image, which leads to sharper images. Dual media recording, which records on both DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW formats, is also part of the system.

The DVP5990 offers high definition in 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The device can carry high definition video and audio. There is no analog involved in the process because the device is a built in analog to digital converter. The high definition system is retroactively compatible with Digital Video Interface (DVI). With a USB flash drive compatibility, you can plug in devices to share photos and music. A 12-bit/108MHz processor guarantees sharp images. Colors are richer and better blended as well because of the grade of processor.

The DVP3980 promises realistic imagery and and the ability to play almost any disc containing music and video. This device also has a 12-bit/108MHz processor and a built-in analog to digital converter. Another feature, which is good for music, is 92KHz sampling and a 24-bit resolution that ensures accurate representation of sound signals. This device also has Progressive scan.

The BDP7200/F7 can play BluRay discs and promises very detailed images and rich colors via its Deep Colour feature. Picture in Picture is available in both video and audio modes. EasyLink technology syncs all of your devices to one single remote controller. You can play regular DVDs with device because of the upconversion feature.

For a very basic Philips DVD player, consider the DVP1120/37, which promises smooth picture quality and progressive scan in high definition. This player also plays CDs, including WMA and JPEG files that are burned on to CD-Rs and DCE-Rs. A remote control with batteries also is included. Users like this model for its compact design.

A little more complex but still compact, the DVP3962/37 is an upconverter that brings DVDs up to 720p to 1080i, almost as good as genuine high definition imagery. This device also plays CDs, including WMA and JPEG files that are burned on to CD-Rs and DCE-Rs.

Another simple model, the DVP 1013, would be a viable choice as a basic DVD player, except that after the analog to digital conversion, you will need to buy a converter box. Converter boxes cost about as much as the entire DVD costs, so you are better off just buying another model.

An HDMI connection enables this player to upconvert regular DVDs to nearly HD-quality on HDTVs that have an HDMI port. It also plays CDs, including MP3, WMA, and JPEG files burned onto CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. Includes wireless remote control with batteries. Other features include composite and component video outputs and coaxial digital audio outputs. Remote control is included.

For those into portable devices, the Philips DCP851 DVD player has an iPod dock and photo viewer and can play all kinds of devices, from DVDs to DVD+R and RWs and MPEGs. There is no tuner, and the device has input for a secure digital card and an A/V composite video output. The 8.5-inch screen is a liquid crystal display (LCD) and the device sports a compact, light design. Accessories include a remote, car adapter, AC adapter and A/V cable. This device, which is excellent for road trips with children, also is battery powered.

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