Pentax Papilio Binoculars

Binoculars are hand-held, mechanical devices that are used to magnify an object viewed from a distance. Binoculars are very similar to telescopes, and use similar optical mechanisms involving a series of mirrors and prisms. But unlike telescopes, binoculars can be viewed with both the eyes.

There are a number of binocular manufacturers out there, including popular brands such as Canon, Nikon, Zeiss, Swarovski, Olympus, etc. One of these brands is Pentax, which offers a series of binoculars catering towards different viewing needs.

Pentax was founded in 1919 with the introduction of the SLR camera that quickly took the industry by storm. Pentax is known for its high quality products, which are combinations of the most effective mechanics and optical technology. Pentax takes the quality and safety of their products seriously, and thus are known to produce world-class binoculars – directed towards nature lovers or other enthusiasts who like to take a close look at everything. One such great product for the outdoor/nature lover is the Pentax Papilio Binoculars.

‘Papilio’ is Latin for ‘butterfly’, which indicates that the Pentax Papilio Binoculars were created especially to observe butterfly. Of course, the product is versatile enough to be used to view anything – from birds to games, sporting events or concerts. The binocular is great for the observation of nature’s different colors, and offer image quality that is remarkable to any eye.

Papilio Binoculars use reverse porro-prism design in which objective lenses however are at a closer proximity compared to the ocular lenses. The reverse porro designs are offered in 6.5×21 and 8.5×21 models. Papilio Binoculars are compact in design. They are 4.4 by 4.25 inches in dimension while also weighing a meager 10.5 oz, which makes these extremely portable and comfortable. The prisms use dare BaK-4 glass prisms, which optimizes light transmission. The fully multi-coated lenses provide increased light transmission with a number of anti-reflective coatings on every air-to-glass surface. The focal capability is remarkable in these binoculars; these offer an 18 inch close focus without field collapse by incorporating amazing adjustment to parallax.

The performance of the Papilio Binoculars is also great. Although there can be noticed slight blurriness at the edges of the outer field and straight lines might be seen to bend inward at the other edges, but the color consistency in high-contrast and brightly-lit objects are exceptional. The eye relief of the binoculars is short at 15 mm, but is quite adequate and competent when compared to other brands with similar designs.

Papilio Binoculars are designed with rubber armoring, to allow for a secure grasp, making it safe for children to use. These also have muti-position eyecaps that bend upwards or downwards to allow for easy and comfortable viewing; central focus wheels that allows for adjustment to both the barrels simultaneously. There is also a Diopter located in the right eyepiece that helps to adjust to differences in the viewer’s eyes.

Included with the binoculars are accessories such as a nylon web neck strap, rainguard, case and a worry free guarantee. The strap, when attached to the binoculars, fits closely and avoids interruptions with the hand. The rainguard is a pair of hard plastic cups that protect the lenses from rain. The worry-free guarantee ensures the durability of this product for years to come.

The listed prices for the Papilio Binoculars are $129.00 for 6.5x model, and $149.00 for 8.5x models, although it is possible to get a lower price on sale. The prices are reasonable for products that offer such great viewing options. The Pentax Papilio Binoculars are great for avid butterfly or bird-watchers. Not only for butterflies, these binoculars can be versatile devices in order to observe butterflies, birds, snakes, insects, flowers, leaves and anything else that the user finds interesting. When the colors of nature are observed through these pair of eyes, one would have to agree that these binoculars are worth its price.

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