Pentax Digital Camera

The tech savvy modern world has seen all types of digital gadgets including the digital cameras enter the market in the past ten to twenty years. There are a number of brands and classifications available in the market today. The process of selecting a digital camera has become very tough job because of the varieties and the brands available in the market today.

Pentax is a brand that can be selected with your eyes closed as they are one of the most popular and reputed digital camera brands in the tech market. All the requirements related to the art of photography is well complemented in the models available of Pentax digital cameras. From the point and shoot models that are suitable for a family’s needs to the higher end digital cameras used by professional photographers, Pentax has a camera that will suit both your budget and desires.

History and Market Capture
The brand is completely owned by the Hoya Corporation. The company was founded in Tokyo, Japan by Kumao Kajiwara in the year 1919. Pentax Corporation signed an agreement with the Samsung Techwin in the year 2005 to renovate the digital camera market. The digital camera market that was once in the hands of Pentax Corporation has been conquered by companies like Canon and Nikon. The giants after the agreement began working together and took the market by storm. They quickly gathered back their lost market share in the digital camera market. This collaboration resulted in the manufacture of many new DSLR products. There are many world famous models launched by the company after their collaboration with Samsung including the Pentax *istDS2 and *istDL2.

Different Products
Even the early models of digital cameras from the company were of great quality. They were greatly compact as well as functional. The controls for operating were smooth and the design of the camera body was simple without the fancy trappings in them. This gave the cameras a clean look. The entire build of the camera itself will give the feeling that it is a precision device that has the capability to deliver the best quality results.

There are many different varieties of digital cameras being offered by the company that ranges from small point and shoots to the fully loaded single lens reflex cameras. The flagship product of the company is the Optio series. It is a series of digital cameras that are highly sought after in the market. The most recent among the digital cameras from Pentax are Pentax K10D, Pentax Optio W60, Pentax K20D and Pentax K200D.

Pentax K20D is a digital SLR model camera that has its influences from the highly successful K10D camera model from the company. The main features of this camera model include a 14.6-megapixel lens and CMOS sensor. The model is well known for its dust reduction policies. This was present in both the K10D and the K100D cameras too. A mere vibration of the sensor will remove all the dust particles from the camera. The Pentax cameras are also equipped with a ‘dust alert’ function that locates the areas where the stubborn dust particles is residing in the camera.

So no matter whether you want a good but easy camera to take pictures of your family vacation or if you need high resolution professional solutions, Pentax has a digital camera model that will be perfect for your needs. Pentax also offers a wide range in price points so there is a digital camera that will suit your budget as well as it does your photographic needs. In other words, the Pentax digital cameras are the best options available in the market that can satisfy all your photographic cravings.

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