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Virtually anything can be scanned and put into a PDF document. This is a very convenient way of storing important documents, such as worksheets, timetables, and forms. You can even scan pictures and artwork and save them to a PDF file. This is a fairly easy process, but of course, you are going to need a scanner. The instructions on how to save your scanned document to a PDF file couldn’t be simpler.

To start with, you need to plug your scanner into your computer. This is usually done by plugging the cable into a USB port. If you haven’t yet installed it, then you need to install the drivers that came with the scanner itself. Next, make sure that you have all of the cables plugged into your computer correctly, and that the scanner has been detected on your computer, and is working properly.

Now, in order to create a PDF file, you first need to open Adobe Acrobat. Once it has loaded and is up and running, you should select your scanner in Acrobat itself. Then click on choose file, then create PDF, and then from scanner. A box will then open up in Adobe Acrobat, and you should select your scanner from the drop down menu.

Next, you can customize the settings, if you want to. There are settings that enable acrobat to scan every letter on the page that you are scanning, as opposed to interpreting the whole page as an image. You can also change the size of the page, meaning that you can enlarge the text, or set it to scan your document within a particular size frame. If you want to scan your document in a particular size, or within a certain frame, then this is a very simple process, you just follow the on screen prompts.

Now you are ready to begin the scanning process of your document. When you select scan, your scanner’s software will open up with the scan box so that you can start the scan. Once you are satisfied with the preview image, and feel happy with the way it looks, click next. If you are creating a new PDF page then you will need to name it.

So, that is how to create a new PDF file from a scanned document. However, there are other methods if you want to create a PDF document from a image that you have copied to your clipboard. Again, this is a really simple process that anyone can do, even those who are not sure how to use a computer and just want to copy their image to a PDF document.

First, you just need to copy the image. If you are copying the image from a webpage, then simple select ‘Copy Image To Clipboard’. This will then mean that the image you have selected has been copied to your clipboard, and is ready to be used.

Next, open Adobe Acrobat. Click on ‘Edit’, then ‘Create PDF’, and then ‘From Clipboard Image’. After this, the image will now have been created into a PDF document. Finally, save the newly created PDF document.

So, you should now have the knowledge to be able to create a PDF document from a document that you have scanned, and also how to create a PDF document from an image that you have copied to your clipboard. Both methods are incredibly simple and easy to do. Creating a PDF file out of a scanned document can be a really helpful tool when it comes to storing your important documents, such as time sheets, letters, and even signed contracts.

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