PDA GPS Receiver

PDA GPS receivers allow you the ease of a compact GPS so that the busy driver can get where he needs to go on time. There are many features you want to consider when purchasing PDA GPS receiver, including what kinds of maps are available, whether the antenna is small and indiscreet, how many points of interest are included and the presence of immediate correction of you make a wrong turn.

The Pharos Traveler GPS 525 is an economical handled GPS device with all of the features you can expect to have. Advanced text-to-speech features and a 4-inch display with bright touch for visibility make this a winner, as does the pre-loaded Pharos Navigation software, including street-level maps of the U.S. Current position, remaining distance, direction of next turn and estimated travel time are all included in the Pharis Navigation scheme. Spoken directions also specify which street you are about to turn on to avoid any confusion. In the case that you do make a wrong turn, the Pharo Navigation system quickly corrects the situation by telling you where to go next. Four languages are available: English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

The Mobile Crossing WayPoint 200 offers a complete array of Canadian maps, as well as those form the United States. There are two million points of interest in the Mobile Crossing System, including golf courses, ATMs, gas stations and restaurants. Turn-by-turn directions are given by voice, and by the push of a button you can switch between navigation mode and Pocket PC mode. Pocket PC mode includes contacts a calendar, tasks, notes, a voice recorder, Microsoft Word, Excel and more. With another button push, you can access a menu that includes favorite locations, your GPS status, detours and zoom options. Bluetooth technology makes this device flexible in placement to ensure the best satellite reception. The Bluetooth also enavles real time traffic and weather updates with free one-year subscriptions of Traffic Watch and Weather Underground with purchase of the device, which comes with an optional leather case and arm band. The case and arm band come in handy when hiking. A Run Pocket PC function is available for hikers, boaters, golfers and other active types.

Aloha! The Mio 168RS offers GPS navigation — that includes offers maps of U.S., Hawaii and Canada — while also offering Microsoft’s pocket version of Outlook express, Word, Excel, Media Player and Internet Explorer. The handheld device also serves as a daily, weekly and monthly planner by keeping track of events and appointments, which can sync up with your personal computer. The GPS function offers verbalized, turn-by-turn directions, along with photo or video visibility options. Millions of points of interest are included in the MioMap interface and AC and car chargers are included in the box. The device is ready to go right out of the box, and a route planner lets you follow point-by-point driving directions verbally, visually and in real time.A built-on MP3 player allows you to enjoy your music while you drive.

Que bien! The Garmin iQue M5 offers a basemap of North adn South America and Puerto Rico in portrait and landscape views and includes a Bluetooth wireless receiver. With the latter, one can network the handheld device with mobile phones, other PDAs and printers. One can even check e-mail, view documents, then sync them up to the laptop. A push of a button activates the release of an antenna and the working of the device. Charger and speaker are integrated with the device that comes with windshield mount accessories. More than five million points of interest are available on the device that offers street-level mappage that includes highways, railways, thoroughfares, rivers, lakes, borders and more.

The Navman PiN offers advanced navigation and mapping delivered on a 3.2-inch color screen with 3D images. This device runs on Windows Pocket PC and includes maps of all of North America, including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and the United States. Avoid areas and back on track rerouting keep you out of trouble. MP3 playback, memory card slots and a USB cable add to this device’s capabilities. The device includes a lightweight, discreet antenna and is 100 percent wireless.

The Asus MyPal A636N is an upgrade of the highly lauded 636. It includes a personal digital assistant, multimedia playback, special screen lock, upright or sideways view modes, and all of the advanced navigation features you would expect from a good PDA GPS system. A SiRF Star III GPS chipset and a 25mm X 25mm antenna promises swift and accurate navigation, and the screen lock prevents the accidental activation of features. Movie and music playback is perhaps one of the more endearing features of the PDA GPS, aside form its primary function, of course. WiFi and Bluethooth included, as well as PC sync capabilities.

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