PDA Barcode Scanner

When shopping for a barcode scanner you have a wide selection of devices to consider. There is a large variety of barcode scanners that are used in retail stores, libraries, schools, and more. To purchase the best barcode scanner for your needs you will have to read up on the specific types of barcode scanners you can buy. This article will focus on the PDA barcode scanner which should be one of your top considerations.

Barcode scanners utilize lights and light sensors to scan a barcode. When the barcode is scanned, the specific data is read in the form of electrical impulses. Optical character recognition (OCR) is very popular among barcode scanner devices and is incorporated in the PDA barcode scanner design.

Benefits of a PDA Barcode Scanner
The main advantage of a PDA barcode scanner is that it can be used as a portable scanning device. This device can be used conveniently in a number of environments and the wireless ability adds to the possibilities. Another noteworthy advantage of the PDA barcode scanner is that the hardware included with the device is highly compatible with everything being scanned. This is a major plus as it will eliminate possible connection issues between the scanner and item being scanned.

Besides the fact that the PDA barcode scanner is wireless and portable, they are also very compact and lightweight. You will have no issue with carrying this device around if necessary. This is a very beneficial factor that should be weighed heavily when deciding what type of scanner to buy. If you work in a building that requires you to scan items far from your computer then the PDA barcode scanner can be extremely handy.

The set up for PDA barcode scanners is also optimal. The devices can be installed in your WLAN and will configure properly without any difficulties. WLAN refers to your Wide Local Area Network. The device also works a various operating systems so you should not have any issues with the scanner being compatible.

Buying a Barcode Scanner
While PDA barcode scanners are great and have many advantages, you may still want to know about your other options. With barcode scanners, you are not really limited in choice as there is a lot of products in the market. Some alternative types of barcode scanners include a slot scanner, CCD, pen wand, image scanner, and laser scanner. Here is a quick description of each:

Slot scanner – this device is fixed in place and is used specifically for scanning bar codes located on ID cards. This is great for companies that require workers to log-in via their employee card. Alternatively, this could also be beneficial in an environment where a membership card is given out. This could include a library, movie rental store, and more.

CCD (Charge Coupled Device) – this device is commonly found in retail stores. This is a step up from the pen wand and features a gun-like interface. The main disadvantage for this type of scanner is that it must be very close (within an inch) to the barcode that is being scanned.

Pen wand – this device is in the shape of a pen but could also be compared to a wand by design. This is both affordable and long-lasting but was designed poorly. Since it consists of a simple and cheap design you are required to stroke the point of the pen directly over the barcode. For a proper scanning you have to be precise and the pen must touch all of the code. This device is not recommended for most circumstances.

Image scanner – this device is less expensive in comparison to the laser reader and the technology behind it is fairly advanced. The device must be within three inches of the barcode to properly scan the code. There is a very small video camera installed in the scanner that will take a photo of the barcode. Once the scan is complete, it will upload to the processing system where the software will decode it quickly. For anyone that can afford this particular type of barcode scanner, it would be recommended and is by far the most advanced technology available for scanners in today’s market.

Laser scanner – this design is extremely fast and efficient. It needs to be no closer than two feet (24 inches) from the code to properly scan it. Certain laser scanners may be able to scan the barcode from even further away as well. Also, while it is not significantly beneficial, the device could scan up to 500 barcodes in only a single second. These scanners are recommended mostly for people that plan to do a bunch of scanning with a large distance between the barcode and scanner.

Overall, the PDA barcode scanner can be a very useful tool but you will want to consider your options before making a purchase. There are some barcode scanners that may be more effective for your particular environment. However, if you are looking for a scanner that can be used while far away from your computer, the PDA barcode scanner is your best choice.

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