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A computer graphics and a television broadcast are very different in their input and output. The computer graphics is regarded as VGA and with suitable conversion it is possible to broadcast VGA in a television, though the picture quality will be reduced to some extent. This conversion requires an external hardware, or sometimes it is built in with the computer motherboard which allows it to connect to a television.

The usual video signals that are broadcasted in the television are in RF (antenna) or composite video. The signals sent out by computer graphics cards is analog RBG signal with separate sync signal such as VGA and SuperVGA in the newer cards. The broadcast resolution vary amongst computers and graphics, as in the case of computer it ranges from 640×480 upto 1024×76 and for television it is nominally 525 or 625 lines in Y-direction signal with 300-600 pixels. Computer uses non-interlaced video while television use interlaced for the picture format being broadcasted.

The television broadcast comes to a limit when displaying pictures received from a computer graphics card. It has often been seen that the picture quality has been reduced significantly as in the case of color loss, flickers, lost of details. Sometimes the graphics card becomes damaged while using with a television. Although everyone recognizes that television causes harm to the graphics card, only a few knows exactly what’s going on. It is not surprising because the conversion to PAL and NSTC are very complicated and the distortion of the graphics card is obvious.

Let us review one of the hottest converters available on the market today. It is called:

Sewell PC to TV Converter (SW-23000)
The Sewell SW-2300 works with almost any types of computer and television. Connecting with a television has been made very easy, as that all one have to do is to plug one end of the adaptor with a computer, while the other end to a television.

The installation procedure of this adaptor takes less than one minute as there are no drivers installation required. The only thing one need to do is to simply connect the computer’s VGA port to the adaptor using the provided VGA cable, and connecting the yellow colored RCA of the adaptor with the television using the provided RCA cable. There is a USB – 5V power tip cable with the adaptor which can be connected to a computer using a USB slot, and this provides all the necessary power required for operation. It saves the hassle of providing power from external sources and makes it even faster to install, although the computer has to be kept running during the broadcast. It allows the user to use either the computer speakers or the television speakers using a RCA audio cable.


One might be thinking that why he needs an active converter like this one instead of a passive VGA – composite cable. The reason behind this is that VGA and the composite are completely two different formats, which require the use of an active conversion.

Other features
The specialty of this adaptor is its loop pointer mouse (air mouse), which works similar to a remote control. It allows the users to simply point-and-click at the television while he can relax in the couch. This is also great for karaoke as it can connect the computer with karaoke music files to a television with S-Video and composite inputs. Sewell PC to TV Converter SW-23000 is truly a state of the art product, and there are almost no records of any disappointed customers.

PC to TV converters are appearing to become more popular these days, as more brands are coming out with stunning products with magnificent configurations and performance.

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