Patch Cable

A patch cable is an optical cable that is used two link together two separate optical devices. Patch cables vary in design but are usually rather short. Some of the shorter patch cords are no longer than three inches. On the other hand, optical cables are available with lengthier designs as well with some surpassing six meters in length.

When patch cables are used in an office there will likely be a color scheme set up. You could find lists of color schemes online but none of these are standard. There is no specific color scheme for managing patch cables and it is completely based on what the company chooses to do.

Patch cables can be used for a large variety of reasons. They can be used in combination a patch panel if necessary. The cables are designed to be used as microphone or headphone cables, Ethernet cables, extension cables, snake cables, and more.

Length of Patch Cables
As already mentioned, many patch cables are short in length but there are still quite a few longer patch cables available. The longer the cables is, the thicker the covering will be. This is to make sure that there is no data loss as a result of the added travelling distance between devices.

The issue with a long distance of travel is that electro magnetic waves may occur near the cable. This is simply a result of other cables nearby that are in used interacting with each other. As there is an electricity flow in any running cable it will cause a magnetic field which can interrupt the data transfer in your patch cable. Since the cords are designed to be thicker (to protect from electro magnetic waves) as they become lengthier, you do not have to worry about any data being lost.

Also, it is important to realize that many people do not refer to longer cables as “patch cables” but rather “snake cables” has become the more common name for these cords. Anything over 25 feet in length is definitely a snake cable (there is no specified length to differentiate patch and snake cables). If you need to purchase a 25 foot cable then expect to pay a fair amount. The cost of these cords goes up quickly based on length.

Types of Patch Cables
There are many different styles of patch cords. Two common types of cables are copper wire and fiber optic. The majority of patch cables use copper wire, and it is especially common with music related devices. There are many other types of patch cables as well such as the RCA audio/video cable. A patch cable can also be used for connecting a guitar to an amplifier. There are many other musical instruments that can use patch cables as well, such as mixing boards and drum machines. The patch cable is used to transfer signals to the specified devices.

What Makes Them Different
There are many different types of patch cables to choose from so it is important to know what makes them different. Basically, patch cables are available in different characteristics. The length, thickness, cable covering, and connectors all play a major role in what the cable can be used for. This once again relates to the electro magnetic waves which can cause a signal decay.

Some devices require a longer cable than others. For the device to transfer data through the cable properly the thickness and cable covering will have to be optimal. Once again, this is all pre-configured by the manufacturer but it is important to know the difference in cables. If you do not need an extremely long cable then you should just purchase one that is roughly around the necessary length.

When buying a patch cable you will also have to consider the specific type of cable you are going to buy. You have the ability to choose from a variety of products such as cables that use copper wire and fiber optic. Lastly, is strongly recommended that you read up further on the technology behind fiber optic patch cables before deciding which type of cable to purchase.

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