PATA Hard Drive

If you are someone who is thinking about using a PATA hard drive, you will want to know how this system works so that you can be sure you are making the right decision. This drive is known as a Parallel ATA and it is an industry standard for a various assortment of storage devices that are common on many internal computer devices like drives, CD-ROMs, and hard disks. The downside is that the PATA drives are only to allow up to eighteen inches of cable length, and it is because of this that the PATA standard is only commonly used in internal devices. However, it was something that was commonly used in hard drives and other computer accessories for more than ten years, from the early 1990s to 2003.

In recent years the PATA hard drive system has begun to be outdated and is no longer considered to be the industry standard by many in the computer field. One of the most common reasons for this is that the cable system which connects the PATA is rather bulky. The cable consists of nearly forty wires that have been bound together, and because of this it takes up precious space inside your computer. Since computers generate a large amount of heat, they need to have good air flow to the hard drive and other components in order to ensure that they do not encounter problems that can cause them to crash when they overheat. The cables in a PATA hard drive can restrict this airflow and have caused problems with computer crashes in the past.

Another reason that the PATA hard drive is considered to be a little outdated is that they require a larger amount of energy to work. This drain on power is something that is not considered to be good for smaller rechargeable devices like laptops and net books. Not to mention the fact that as your computer ages it is less and less able to readily produce the amount of energy that is required for the five volts that PATA needs in order to run efficiently. This can cause your computer to run slower over time, and it can cause power shortages that may require you to replace the power supply in the computer in order to get it operating at full speed.

One of the largest reasons, however, that the PATA hard drive has a much slower bandwidth capability. In today’s fast paced society it is important that your computer be able to transfer files between devices at a high rate of speed. Since the PATA’s maximum speed capabilities are only one hundred and thirty milli-bytes per second and the newer SATA system can operate at speeds up to six hundred milli-bytes per second this means that you can easily quadruple your speed simply by using a different hard drive.

So, if you are considering a computer with a PATA hard drive, then you will want to take all of this information into consideration before making your purchase. There are still computers out there that are operating on this system, and because of this you can still find the parts that you might need to repair or replace the PATA hard drive in your computer if that is necessary.

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