Parabolic Microphone

The parabolic microphone has been around for a long time. They first began to be widely used in World War II. The parabolic microphone is especially useful in espionage operations. They are used all around the world by federal and local law enforcement. Because of the best the parabolic microphone is also commonly known as a spy microphone. This kind of microphone will pick up sounds from about 25kHz-30kHz which a human ear cannot normally hear. It can pick up electrical and mechanical sound as well. The parabolic microphone collects and focuses sound waves onto a receiver by using a parabolic reflector. It has to be mounted in a sound reflecting dish that has parabolic cross-sections. A parabolic microphone is very powerful and is often used as an investigative tool or for law enforcement audio surveillance.

Nowadays the common citizen can find a use for a parabolic microphone. You can buy one now in different sizes and shapes. There are all kinds of them on the market these days and they are being used for all kinds of things. Some people use them record nature sounds. They are used as field audio for sports broadcasting. They are seen all the time in use on football fields. Some people use them for eavesdropping and spying on others which can be illegal. They are frequently used by law enforcement personnel and for military operations. The parabolic microphones for the average citizen can be are very inexpensive and they are readily available. Some are very small and others are quite large. A small parabolic microphone is not normally used for recording because they have poor low-frequency response which is a sacrifice for their small size. The price range on one then can be as low as $30 up to $2500. The price depends on the kind of parabolic microphone you buy and what you will be using it for. These kinds of microphones are easily obtainable and you can find them at almost any electronics store. They are also being sold by many different vendors online. If one is being used as an investigative tool it will need a large diameter parabolic dish with advanced circuitry. This type of parabolic microphone can clearly record and allow you to hear conversations as far as 300 yards away.

There are literally hundreds of uses for a parabolic microphone. However using a parabolic microphone in some instances may be illegal. For instance, they are not intended for use to hear through walls and doors or other solid substances. When using a parabolic microphone it has to be pointed directly at the source you want to listen too. Bird watchers who want to hear a particular bird call will need to point the microphone directly at the bird. You can also attach a parabolic microphone to a camcorder so that it can pick up the sounds as it is recording video without interference from other noises like airplanes or passing cars. Even thicket movements can be picked up easily by parabolic microphone.

One popular parabolic microphone is the parabolic shotgun microphone. Various ones can have an 8X optical viewer scope so you can be sure you are accurately targeting what you want to hear. This type usually comes with full sized padded headphones and is great for bird watchers and sporting events. Another popular one is the Sonic Technology SE4000X Super-ear. It will boost your hearing by 50 decibels so you can hear bird calls up to 100 feet away or more. This model is very inexpensive. Both of these models are under $100. There are other models you can find online at various prices. Some of the professional parabolic microphones are very expensive and are mainly for use by law enforcement and other professionals.

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