Panini Grill

Many people love the panini sandwich. It is in fact a good alternative to the usual butter and garlic toasts that we serve on the table during breakfast. A huge number of street side cafes out there serve this meal and are making great profits from it. Its taste would be more enjoyable when teamed up with your favorite drink such as coffee, tea and soda.

The popularity of panini sandwiches started in Italy. Coffee cart vendors have thought of stuffing focaccia breads with meat, cheese, vegetables and fresh herbs. It became a big hit in Italy. Now, its popularity has already reached other countries as well and selling them is not limited on the streets alone. Many food establishments, including classy restaurants are selling this delightful meal to their customers. In some places, it became a lunch favorite.

Preparing a panini sandwich can be incorporated with some enhancements, which may include blending in additional ingredients to augment its taste. Some people would like to have it stuffed with their favorite vegetables or fruits. Since for sure, you also have your own preference, why not make your own panini recipe at the confort of your home? What you will need is the knowledge of making the meal, the necessary ingredients and a panini grill.

Panini sandwiches can be done in just a few steps. The preparation is so easy and you can come up with a perfect panini sandwich anytime you want if you have panini grill. In a flash, you and your family will be enjoying the panini that you used to get only from cafes, food carts and restaurants.

The panini grill works like any other waffle iron. However, instead of having waffle patterns on the bread, the sandwich will have stripes created by those series of ridges. Simply prepare your panini mixture, stuff your bread with it and place it on the grill. Pull the counter top grill down and wait for about 3 to 4 minutes for the sandwich to be done.

Dieters will definitely be glad about the panini grill. With it, they can prepare their own panini sandwich without having to use margarine, butter or oil. Hence, it can be free from calories. This will ensure something tasty and at the same time, healthy.

Making panini can be a hobby for any member of the family who loves doing kitchen stuffs. If you have an existing food business, you can enhance it by adding panini sandwiches to your menu. For this purpose, you will need a larger panini grill. If you love cooking and you want to turn use this talent into something profitable, you can consider selling panini sandwiches on carts or by putting up your own food station. You can experiment on various mixtures that will suit the taste of different types of people.

Cleaning the panini grill may require some patience. It will be best to clean it while it is still warm. You can use a soft kitchen towel or kitchen paper on its ridges. Always keep in mind that you should avoid dipping it in water. If the stain is tough, you might need to heat up the grill for a few minutes. Then you can start cleaning it while rubbing it with a damp cloth. If you do not want to encounter these cleaning up hassles, you can look for a panini grill in the market with a non-stick surface or order for it online if in case you will find it difficult to hit upon this item in your local market.

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