Panasonic Viera

Panasonic Viera – the most hyped television from the Panasonic stable has been the doing the rounds for some time now and it has been the subject of many rave reviews by industry experts. The Viera comes in two versions; plasma and LCD. With Viera, Panasonic has scaled the frontiers of television technology. The level of personalization possible in a Viera is sure to blow your mind with its advanced control systems which are technologically superior and easy to use. The operation and setup is kept simple in the Viera, which is a clear lesson that Panasonic has learnt from the past. The attractive frame and stylish non reflective glass are excellent and the design of the Viera is neat and chic.

Panasonic from their early days in the television industry have been pioneers in image technology and the Viera is further testimony of the same. The image clarity is stunning and jaw dropping even when compared with HD standards. The realistic picture, pure color and the clarity are sure to sink you in your couch and it is nothing like what was witnessed before. The richness and sharpness of high speed motion videos like football or hockey is astounding without any distortions. Details are crisp and motions clear thanks to the non reflective ultra black glass screen. The patented scene controller which is on board the Viera optimizes the backlight brightness to create sharp images. The advanced processor which is the heart of this television makes all this possible with the least power consumption.

Viera also comes in a 3D variant with one pair of 3D eyewear in toe with the television. The 3D variant makes watching television an experience with textures so natural looking and images so realistic. Viera is a benchmark for image performance and Panasonic has been able to achieve this by bringing together a host of new technologies.

The chassis of the Viera is the black frame that looks elegant and solid. The black frame complements the black non reflective glass and enhances the pleasure of viewing. In the Viera, Panasonic have dedicated most of the available real estate to the glass screen without compromising the style and elegance. That’s always a tight rope walk for any manufacturer but Panasonic have treaded that well. The settings and the operations have been kept simple and the THX mode makes operating the television child’s play.

With the THX mode in Viera, Panasonic scores again; this mode obviates your need to tweak the settings. The Dolby digital surround sound which is a feature in most of the variants ensures clear sound and a decent acoustic experience. The Viera by consuming less power when compared to its contemporaries outscores them easily.

With Viera, Panasonic has fallen into all too familiar pitfalls. Although the Viera comes in various sizes to suit your budget, cost has always been a downside to any product from the Panasonic stable. This television is not cheap when compared to like range products of other manufacturers. That said, when we examine the value that Viera brings in with the picture quality the price is much more attractive. That’s the price you pay for an astounding experience.

The sound system in a Viera is okay and Panasonic have not made any breakthrough technological improvements in this niche. You could do well by getting a separate surround sound system to complement the visual treat on offer. The Viera is a bit heavy in the middle and if you are settling in for the wall mounting option it is a tough job for 2 strong men.

On the whole with Viera, Panasonic has ensured a stylish telephone with brilliant image technology that could potentially keep Sony and Philips on their toes.

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