Panasonic Plasma TV

It is no secret that LCD TVs have become very popular in recent years, due to falling prices and improvements in their picture quality. But there are still some very good reasons to consider buying a plasma TV. At the upper end of screen sizes, plasma is the only option for most buyers, because large screen LCD TVs are still incredibly expensive. Anyone looking for the best TV for their home theater setup should consider a Panasonic plasma TV. There are many different models and screen sizes to choose from, as well as the usual range of accessories.

Panasonic is a Japanese corporation that is a major manufacturer of consumer electronics and industrial equipment. Along with plasma and LCD TVs, Panasonic make digital cameras, camcorders, DVD recorders, home theater systems, cordless phones, and many other products. Several well known brand names have been used by Panasonic over the years, including National, Technics, and Matsushita. The famous Sanyo brand name was recently added to that list after Sanyo Electric was acquired in 2008. Panasonic use the Viera brand name for their flat screen TVs, and the Lumix brand name for their digital cameras.

A plasma display uses many small gas-filled cells to create the colored dots that make up the picture. It has a much larger contrast ratio than an LCD display, and this allows it to show darker pictures in greater detail. It is often said that plasmas are the only flat screens that can produce a true black color. LCD displays cannot show true black because they suffer from backlight leakage, but this has been reduced with the use of LED backlights. The price of large screen LCD TVs has fallen considerably in recent years, but plasma is still the most affordable option for the largest screen sizes. Anyone looking to buy a large flat screen should consider a Panasonic plasma TV, as they have a number of interesting and unique features.

Blurring is a problem that affects most flat screens to some degree, particularly LCD TVs. The sub-field drive in a Panasonic plasma TV virtually eliminates blurring by increasing the framerate well above normal. The picture updates more often and this makes dynamic scenes appear smoother. The sub-field drive helps to improve the visual quality of many broadcasts, including action movies and sports events. Full 1080p high definition is another great feature, but it is not present on all Panasonic models. It provides a better picture quality than other high definition formats, especially on larger screens.

Viera Link and Viera Cast are two innovative features to look out for when shopping for a Panasonic plasma TV. Viera Link allows the TV remote control to operate the other audio and video devices in a home theater setup, which avoids the need to buy an expensive universal remote control. By pressing a single button, a menu is shown on the TV that allows the user to select the device they wish to operate. Viera Cast delivers media from a small number of selected websites straight to the TV, without the need to hook it up to a personal computer or media player. Websites that are currently available on Viera Cast include YouTube, Google Picasa, Bloomberg News, Amazon Video, and the Weather Channel.

Accessories are another thing that need to be considered when buying a Panasonic plasma TV. The thin profile of flat screens allow them to be fixed to a wall, but that usually requires the purchase of a separate wall mount. Some wall mounts are fixed but others have a cantilever arm, which allows the flat screen to be moved away from the wall and turned to the sides. Surge suppressors are important for protecting the sensitive electronics from being damaged by lightning. Panasonic also have a range of customer care plans available, which are extended warranties that cover the cost of repairs after the factory warranty has expired.

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